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Normal cpu temperatures in hot climate country

I live in Pakistan where my city gets average of around 40℃ in the noon.

While using my device at noon I'm getting 70℃ cpu temperature, at idle load(no apps running)

is this temperature alright or too high?

Screenshot while using just safari:

Screenshot few seconds after startup:

Block Image

screenshot while playing the default chess game:

Block Image

screenshot using safari:

Block Image

@danj i just ran a cpu stress test (all 8 cores) and the core 1,2,3 run at 103 while core 4 runs at 96. could that indicate a processor problem?

heres a screenshot:

Block Image

Looking at the tg pro main windows:

Block Image

the max temperature for core 4 is lower than all others

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Did you replace the heat sink yet?


@danj I have ordered it should arrive within a week.

again, sorry for taking so much of your time. I just noticed this temp difference and decided to post it because thought it could indicate cpu problem.


@danj I have received the heatsink and temperatures seem to have dropped to 60 at idle. I don't know if that's enough but I'm going to leave it at this.



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If I didn't know what else was at play here I would say this system was running hot.

The things I look at is the running processes under Activity Monitor to make sure something isn't running wild (malware or someone has rooted the system).

The next thing I look at is the fans to make sure they are working correctly. I use this App to do that: TG Pro (full version). It does a better job of monitoring the thermal sensors and the fans than most everything else. I often end up cleaning the dust build up in the fans as well as the logic board. In your case you may need to replace the fan units to the ones the logic board you are using would require.

The next thing is checking the heat sink heat pipe to see if it is transmitting the heat. I use a non-contact thermal probe to review the pipe from CPU and GPU to the fins. The heat should be fairly close to the same. If not the cooling liquid has leaked (sometimes you can see the wetness on the logic board). To verify I take the heat sink off clean it and then using a pharmacist scale I compare it to a known good unit (same P/N) the bad unit should weigh less. After which I clean the old thermal paste off of the CPU & GPU's and apply a fresh coat of a good quality paste. I use Arctic Sliver as well as the cleaner they offer.

Update (08/21/2016)

Here's what my MacBook Pro looks like running Safari:

Block Image

As you can see its much lower. I was hoping you would have snapped the full display like this so we could have see the RPM numbers. But since you gave us the values its clear you do have a transfer issue with the heat sink. So you'll need to start there.

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Thank you for the quick and detailed response @danj I'm going to answer your solutions:

1: I checked in Activity Monitor, cpu section , and processes were normal: the highest being activity monitor itself at 65 % (approximate).

2: Which app? I'm using istat monitor if that's what you are referring to? (free version). The logic board is free of dust(since its new) and so are the fans since I cleaned them with my blower. I think that I'm using the proper fans for the board(a1286) but would there be any way to confirm that?

3.i don't have either the non contact thermal probe or the pharmacist scale (I live in Pakistan and theres little chance of those being available here). So is there any other way to confirm that the cooling liquid HAS leaked(perhaps through the software you mentioned?) I did recently apply a thermal paste but it was of some unknown company(it was the only one available).


1 - Good! that removes a possible software issue

2 - Click on the blue URL link in my post it will take you to a better app. iStat is limited and I've seen some versions/hardware configs were it fails to measure things correctly. Sometimes you need to buy vs free. In this case I find the free products are lacking. Don't be penny wise, pound foolish here.

3 - Sadly, no means of checking other than a physical measure (temp and/or weight). Best to just replace it with a known good unit (new not used).


@danj I have installed TG pro as you said and have updated my post above. I also made a conclusion from the data:

Theres a 30℃ difference between cpu and outgoing air(which is at the same temp as ambient. So this means that the cpu heat is not being transferred to air?


Can you take a snap of the full display so we can see the fan RPM's.

I'm wondering if the fans are working here Vs a bad heat sink. Again, you also need to properly apply the thermal paste and use the correct type which could also effect things here.


@riptide if your heatsink would not be working, your outgoing air would not be the same as ambient air, it would have to be higher. You would add the ammount of heart from the CPU etc. to it. I agree with Dan . Check the fans, make sure you have sufficient airflow and remember that there is a physical limit of the temperature the heatsink and fan can keep the CPU. The greater the ambient air temperature the more difficult it is going to be.


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