Netgear GS608 Switch won't get gigabit speeds but my GS605 does

I have been using a Netgear GS608 switch for my smart tv, game consoles, etc. I also edit video for my plex home server and will use the switch for a ethernet connection to send files to my server for faster file transfers. Ever since I got the switch I was only able to top out at 11-12MB/s doing file transfers. My server and laptop both have gigabit nic cards. I am using cat5e cables. The 8 port switch and my router also have gigabit capabilities. After a lot of research I came accross an article that said the certain cpu I had in my laptop would shut down file transfer speeds if my cpu hit 100% usage. So i stopped trying to get it to work. Now here is my problem. I purchased a 5 port switch (GS605v4) to expand another area of my house. I bought it second hand so I tested right away. I unplugged the internet from my 8 port switch and tested the ports on my 5 port switch. I did a file transfer from my laptop to my server and It was going between 50-75MB/s. How can this be? I took the same cables and plugged them back into the 8 port switch and tried the file transfer and I still would only get like 11MB/s. How can I fix this to get it to work correctly on my 8 port switch?

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