Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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I messed up. Where (if possible) can I find this?

Also what is it?

My phone got wet, I took it apart and got down to the logic board without a hitch. Was in the process of taking off the EMI shields and I popped this wire off. It has connection and isn't soldered so if I can find on I may be ok.

As you can see, the top part of this wire got pulled out of its housing that would snap onto the PCB. The red arrows are pointing to the locations on the PCB that these ends would snap to.

Block Image

Edit for response to comment:

Block Image

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Look at this on eBay

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You're the man! It's my first time even opening an iPhone so I don't know much other than the basics that I've read about before jumping in. Hopefully I can pull it off.


In the meantime, exactly how wet did the phone get? Did you turn it off immediately?


No worries bud, that's actually not bad for your first logic board removal. But listen, there are several easy to make mistakes when working on iPhones that will instantly leave you with a pile of Apple branded trash. One of the most important is screw placement. Every screw must go back in the hole it came from! There several different lengths of screws in the phone and if put one that's just a millimeter too long in the wrong it will drill through the logic board and then bye bye iPhone. I'm guessing you didn't know to keep the screws perfectly mapped out when you were taking apart?


It got pretty wet... about 5 minutes in the washing machine. Details on that mishap can be seen here:

White screen of death, "normal" start up

Thanks for the compliment! I feel like I could have gotten away without issue if I had one of those nifty heat air guns. I did, however, manage to keep all of the screws mapped out! I did a bunch of reading prior to opening the phone and was lucky enough to pick up on some good tips. (check out edited post with picture of that)


HUGE bonus question if anyone can follow up... Does it matter which way that flex cable is put on, on end versus the other?


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