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Does my iPhone have the black screen of death?

This is the nth website I browsed, and it looks like I will be getting some clear answers here.

I powered down my iPhone 3g three nights ago (to save the lifespan of the battery), and when I tried turning it on the next morning, had the apple icon for several minutes and nothing happened. So what I did was turn it off and turn it back on. Nothing happened. I did a reset (home and power button simultaneously), and nothing as well.

I let it sit for two hours to try again, but nothing on the phone, just black pixels all over. It vibrates when the vibrate switch is toggled, and iTunes can sync with it.

I did what I saw on the internet, and I even restored it. Still nothing.

I went to two shops who advised me that it is the LCD. They did not do any tests, they just advised me just by looking at the phone. So I need to shell out about $100 for the repair.

It's costly for me especially since I am a bum right now. I need my phone so much to look for a job.

I want this fixed and I am willing to pay a hundred bucks but then upon browsing this website, I am now thinking that what if it's not the LCD. Could it be the digitizer or the logic board? How do I know? The shop guy told me it could be the IC(?) and the repair could even go beyond $200 which is way beyond for this old iPhone.

More background: I walked in the rain five days ago with my phone in my front pocket. It did not get wet. My hand was not dripping wet when I used it under the rain with an umbrella. But I was able to use it for more than one day right after. And besides, some other people in this forum even had their phones dropped in the washing machine.

Anyone, please help. Thanks a lot!

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So my iphone 3g LCD is now fixed courtesy of my hard-earned cash. And congratulations to me, I now have a brand new itouch! My phone can’t get any signal at all. I JBd it with Spirit, tried unlocking it with blackra1n after which my phone just hung up after the procedure, so I tried ultrasn0w instead.

It got stuck on Searching, and now it says “no signal”. It makes me think it got unlocked somehow because Carrier in About now shows my SIM's carrier.

Why did this happen? When I had a black screen, I restored my iphone thinking it would really restore it but not knowing that it’s a trap setup by Apple. I should have known better. It had 4.1 but the technician at the first store where I dropped by managed to downgrade it to 3.1.3. I didn’t know that the baseband was still at 05.14.02.

Tried downgrading the bb using Fuzzyband, but no, it says it does not support my phone because my bootloader is above 5.08. Mine has 6.04. I must be the luckiest guy in the world.


*&@@! Just wait and geohot will make a jailbreak. Was supposed to be releasing something for 4.1.2 just recently


Crossing my fingers. When would that be? Hmmm...


Check I hackintosh and redmondpie. Google greenpoison... Have no need for jb but you may find some help


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It sounds like a LCD problem, if it's completely black then you can try opening phone and checking connectr 1 is on. if it is dark but you can just make out the apple or signs of life then it's the back light.if you are going to open the phone to replace the LCD then you can check if there is water damage. there are 2 black stickers with white centres on the metal cover of mainboard- this means no water. pink centres= water damage. if they are pink I'd clean the inside of all the phone and connectors with isopropyl alcohol. it'll save corrosion in the long run

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Hi. It turns on but it is just black all over. So I just need to check if connector 1 is okay? And maybe clean the board with alcohol? If that does not do the trick, do you think it's really the LCD that needs to be replaced? Thanks.


Pretty sure


All right then! Will try your suggestion and get back to you. Thanks!


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I don't know if I'm having the same problem or not. 4 days ago suddenly the battery life of my iPhone5 was only about a couple of hours instead of a normal 8-10 hours (surfing Internet, calls, e-mails). The phone was overheating and obviously switched off after only 2 hours unplugged. I was able to charge it for a couple of times, but now it's completely switched off. When plugged I just get the apple for a couple of secconds. I plugged it on my iMac to restore and the computer did not recognise it.

Moreover when it was still working it could not log in to my provider sometimes. I don't know if it has anything to do with the other problem, but they seem related since they started at the same time.

I have not tried any of the other methods to restore it.

But I wanted to know if any of you has had any similar experience with the iPhone5. And what should I do? I got my iPhone only 10 months ago.


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