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Why is my wifi always disconnecting and slow?

Hey everyone,

I need some help. I have a macbook and time warner wifi but my connection always drops (in and out) and seems to be very slow.

I was reading some posts here and someone named Dan suggested purchasing WiFi explorer in the iTunes app store so I did.

I don't really know what I'm looking at with the wifi explorer though. There's a bunch of access points because I live in an apartment area. My signal is 86% and my router is about 7 feet away from me. Channel 6 (if that means anything), Width 20 MHz, and 2.4 GHz band.

I read that I can change my band to 5 GHz and that might help. But i have no idea how to do that.

Can anyone help me out?

Update (07/17/2016)

Thank you for responding!!! @danj

I have Time Warner Cable but am currently at a hotel in a different country - also on vacation but the same thing is happening with a lot of websites where it takes forever to load or just partially loads.

I'm not really technical savvy so I don't really know how to alter the settings as you suggest.

How do I go about altering to the 5 GHz band? Is this something I can do via my own computer for my own router and also for the hotel router?

I just checked the wifi explorer for where I'm staying and I have these stats:

Signal 79%

Channel 161, -1

Width 40 MHz

Band 5GHz

Max rate 300Mbps

But I know for sure my Band at home is only 2.4GHz and I'd like to change that as you suggested but I don't know how.

Thanks for the reply and hope you had a great vacation!

Also ...

I do not have a local system that is connected via the ethernet side at my home.

Do you think its an issue with my hardware? Since now I'm on 5GHz at the hotel and still having the same issues?

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Can someone please help mee +++


@danj can you help me?


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2 Answers

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Sorry Nelly I was on vacation ;-}

You'll need to tell us who's router (AP) you are using so we can aim you to the settings you'll need to alter on it. You may need to talk with your provider if they have it locked down.

As you are in a very congested WiFi area I do strongly recommend altering to the 5 GHz band. At least the number of conflicting radios will be less as 5 GHz doesn't travel as far but it also offers better throughput (speed) so its well worth switching.

Do you have a local system besides your MacBook Pro which is connected on the Ethernet side?

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OK, so your on the road right now and still encountering issues and you're using the 5 GHz band. So I think you do have a problem with your system! Are you able to open your system up (tools and a good work surface) If not you'll need to wait till you get home.


I have tools at home since I swapped out a motherboard once on a macbook air but I don't have access to the tools while I'm abroad. I'll be back in a week. What do you suggest I do after I open my system? Do I need to buy some replacement parts? Please do make any and all suggestions you can. I am on the cusp of just buying a refurbished macbook to replace this one but if I can save money with fixing this on my own I'd love that.

Thanks again for helping me. Out of curiosity, why are you so helpful on a site like this (what's in it for you?)? :)


@danj if I need parts, I can order them so they're waiting for me when I get home :)


You may have just a simple issue here, there is a conductive foam pad that some people have noted causes problems so you may just need to remove it. The next possibility is the AirPort card or the cable that connects it to the main logic board is bad. Lastly, the antenna lines that lead through the hinge over time do breakdown.

In your case I'm betting on the first two given your symptoms.

As to why I help people here... Thats a good question! In this world we seem to have forgotten giving our selves selflessly for the better good of some cause. Here on my free time I can help others salvage when possible their computer to last another day or two. Which in the big picture saves from the landfill one more still useable system. I guess I'm a bit of a treehugger at heart ;-}

Just so you know myself and the other volunteers, give our guidance willingly with no financial gain.


For now enjoy your vacation and when you get back ping your question and we'll carry it forward then, OK


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frist go to a lib. and see if your mac is doing the same thing as it is doing at your house if not call time warner and get your equipment changed then if that did not work go to the apple store and have them do a diagnostic done and see if that works if that did not go get a wifi exender i will link one for you


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