Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Front camera replacement broke Siri microphone

I replaced the front camera assembly in my iPhone 6, and now I can't use Siri unless I've got headphones on, so I'm figuring the front microphone is not functioning. I bought the replacement camera for pretty cheap on Amazon: is it likely that the problem is simply a defective part? Or is there something I could have done wrong during installation that could cause this? (The front camera and proximity sensor are working fine, only problem is with the mic.)

I'm nervous about the second option because this was part of a major repair: I replaced the front panel, battery, *and* front and back cameras. (Have you ever set a drink on the roof of your car and driven off with it still there? Well, I did that with my iPhone 6 and it was lying in the middle of an intersection getting run over for an hour. Whoops.) And, aside from the front microphone and TouchID (which I know only Apple can fix), everything seems to be working fine now. So I want to know if I should just order another camera assembly (defective part), or if I actually need to take it to a professional repair shop (installation error).

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My first instinct is that it is just a defective part. Because the parts are fairly cheap and the repair not too delicate or time-intensive, I recommend giving it a shot. If you're having any other problems with the camera, proximity sensor, etc then I would definitely blame the part.

That being said, while you're doing the repair you might also want to make sure that the glue on the screen for the microphone actually has an open hole in it for the sound to get through. You'd be surprised just how insulating glue/adhesive can be to a tiny a microphone. It wouldn't hurt to blow some compressed air through the speaker mesh just for good measure while you have it in pieces.

Now, if you finish the repair and still don't have any Siri or Voice Dictation, then you probably have a logic board issue, and that's definitely a repair shop thing (involving micro soldering).

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Thank you. What I ended up doing was just replacing the entire front panel, where the mic and those little fiddly parts are already attached. It was much easier than doing the parts individually, and the cost difference was not much. So it's been working perfectly since I did that.

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