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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 battery has burst and is leaking

So I've got my friends iPhone 6 here, he said its no longer charging so we got a new replacement lightning port. I've just opened it up however to find this...

Block Image

Looks to me like the battery has burst and started leaking for some reason. I've never encountered this before and was wandering if anyone else might have some thoughts on it?

Do you think we should just be able to replace the battery and get it working again?

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I have repaired a few phones with this issue and the common outcome is the battery acid has reached logic board causing unreserveable damage. Before going out and buying a new battery try just finding a used old one to do a test run with. Phones with logic board damage from acid will not want to turn on and off with ease. I most commonly seen them turn on with Apple logo and then phone will just have blacklight on with no display.


Hope I get an answer so this friend got an issue with te batt going to full batt into empty in a couple of minutes then he said to me that the phone no longer turned on so I ordered a new batt and when I replace it I found that the old one was very inflated and after I put the new one happened the same thing you are mentioning apple logo then phone in black light with nothing in the screen.. do you recomend to try it again with a new batt or is the logic board and that's it... thanks in advance


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Replace the battery making sure to only use dull, plastic tools to remove the old battery. Wear gloves too! That is some toxic stuff you are dealing with and you don't want to short it with a metal tool or have some of that stuff get on your hands and make its way into an opening on your body.

Lithium batteries explode. Its just the nature of the chemistry in them. I've had more than a couple iPhone come in where the screen was lifted from a bloated battery. The battery is normally the cause of the problem and not a symptom, so that should be all you need to swap out. Its a very easy and cheap fix.

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My iphone 7 plus was on the charger an hour later i found a white salt like substance on the speakers and turning black fast coming from the power socket . The cable turned black as well and it was super hot.

This was last week ,apple requested. Hardware report from the local distributor and been back and forth for a week now and i dont know what to do. Any ideas what might have happened and what should i do .

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My iPhone 6 battery leaked into my phone and replacing the battery didn't solve the problem.

Now the apple logo just flashes on and off think the battery shorted something else or killed the hardware & software in the phone as restoring it back to factory settings and updating doesn't work.

So just replaced the phone battery for nothing .. any advice much appreciated..

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one last thing to do before you dump the phone. soaked the logic board inside soap water for 6 hours. after that wash every part of it with soft tooth brush with the soap water. then rinse with clean fresh water properly and dried in the sun for 12 hours.

then tried powering it if it work. check my summary.


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