How do I change lower ball joints on a 1995 Chevy Tahoe?


1995 Chevy Tahoe ball joints

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This is not specific to your Tahoe but should give you a very good idea of how to do it:

Take off the wheel on side of car you need to change the ball joint. Put it up on a secure stand (not a jack) then undo the stabilizer bar bolt to lower control arm and remember the way all the bushes came off for re assembly. Taking pictures along the way couldn't hurt. Bend and pull out the pin at the top of the castle nut at the top of ball joint Two horizontal and one vertical bolts hold the control arm in place. Remove the Lever out the control arm after this and the ball joint has been separated from the control arm (you remone the castle nut first and use a fork to open the joint The control arm comes away with a bit of twisting and pulling. With the conrtol arm out drill out the three rivets carefully with small drill bits so as not to drill into the control arm itself. When the rivets are out, clean up the three holes until they allow the three bolts supplied with new ball joint to fit. Tighten to correct torque. Reassemble and torque all bolts according to specifications keeping the joint clear of metal shavings. It should take about three hours. Make sure the securing pin at top of castle nut is in place. Some strength and a bright light help considerably.

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