I cant turn on my phone

i was normally browsing through my phone and then it suddenly switched off and when i try starting it, it just vibrates and the htc logo comes on then it goes black.

i also tried factory resetting it but it doesn't turn on..and the same thing repeats..

please help!!

thank you.

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i have tired doing factory reset but than too my HTC 820s dual sim doesnt turn on. just logo comes and than back to keep on restarting again and again ??

any solution on this really need help on this ??


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sounds exactly like a flat battery.

Try a different charger to make sure, and also get a bright light and check for lint in the charging port as that can cause the cable not to make contact.

If that doesn't work, check the charger port to see if there is any signs of damage, if there is then the port needs to be replaced.

Happy hunting.

And let me know how you go



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so i tried what you said but its still not switching on..like when i put it on charge the charging symbol came after a while..i tried switching it on, its back to square one (its switching on and then going off) but i can go to the recovery mode..but when i select any of the options it switching off again.

what do you suggest i should do?

thank you


Going into the recovery mode doesn't require the battery at all, infact you can remove it from your phone completely and you can still get to it. But once you try to do something it requires the battery from that point.

Try removing the battery whilst in recovery mode and see if playing with the cable makes it turn off. (Don't unplug it just play with it)

if it does then you have a charging port problem, otherwise your battery is dead not flat but dead


but my phone has a non removable battery ..and before it got shut down it was at 80% .

and its been a year since i brought this phone (model : htc desire 820 dual sim)


I understand that you say your battery was at 80%. But your symptoms are exactly that of a battery or charging problem.

follow this video to get the back off your phone


then you should see the battery, it will be connected by a cable with multiple colours, just gently lift up with a fingernail until it comes off.


okay, so i did open my phone..but i didn't replace the battery because i didn't find one and i didn't wanted to risk changing it..and messing it up even more. but the battery wasn't swollen or anything.

so, i had taken it to the service center and they informed me that it has a problem with mother board and it will cost me around $133 to get it repaired.

do you think that's the case?

thank you,



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Dear friend

i had read your issue

you need to re-flash firmware

(ROM file)

i hope it will fix

check out this link click here

download firmware from here then flash it

good luck my friend

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I had this same problem

You press and hold the power and volume up buttons for at least thirty seconds or until it comes on. This worked for me

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or press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time until it comes on or for at least30 seconds

It's all about patience


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Hi, i have the same problem. Like my phone says i have 31% battery but when i plug it out of charge in about 5seconds it flicks off. So i thought that the phone is showing the wrong battery problem. Ur device is fine since it works on charge its ur battery that shows the percentage.

I suggest u drain it to zero and do it from there

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I have the htc 820 dual sim model. I have tried all this volume up down stuff. I beleive that your phone is fine. Ur phone is just showing the wrong percentage. When u take ot out of charge it turns off. I suggest u drain it to zero then do the factory reset with the volume rockers. Ur phone should be fine after


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