Manually Upgrading Flash Storage on the Logic Board + Maxing Out Specs

I recently tried swapping my space gray housing to a black + gold logo housing I got off Ebay, proving myself that I can take apart and put the phone back together without instructions. However, I really wish I could order a flash memory and upgrade it myself. Though it is possible, I have no idea where to get the needed programs to be able to transfer information such as IMEI and serial numbers from one flash storage to another. In this video, you can see how they transfer everything through. Any idea if such a program is publicly retrievable, and if there is an English translation of it?


I found some information regarding the storage upgrade. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus use NAND flash storage, which can be purchased online. Don't buy them from the online Chinese markets, as they are highly inflated for profit. However, you will need a lot of soldering and disassembly expertise, otherwise you will be prone to damaging your device if you are not extremely careful.

There is a machine required in order to be able to transfer data including your serial and IMEI from the stock NAND to the one you bought. You can find more information about it here. The device basically allows you to modify and transfer various aspects of memory, as well as many other countless features. Though it does come at a caveat: it is steeply priced at $400-$700USD.


Now I'm going to go slightly off topic, however this will be very useful for those who have long awaited a method to max out their iPhone specs. Along with the storage upgrade, you can also change the housing of the phone to your liking (I personally chose black + gold logo and buttons). You can find them at varying prices, here's one of the vendors.

But wait, there's more. Remember the measley 1715mAh battery capacity that shipped with the iPhone 6S? You can upgrade to a 2860mAh gold high capacity battery, which I conveniently found here.

Now a quick review of what you can get with all this:

-Pimped out iPhone 6S with custom housing -$30-$50USD

-128GB/256GB storage capacity - $20-50 USD + $400-$700USD for machine (or take to a vendor to do it for $60-$90USD)

-2860mAh high capacity battery for longer usage - $10-$15USD

Now if you took the cheaper alternative, you would pay a total of $100-$155USD. Sorry for a very unformatted infographic. More people deserve to know about these opportunities.

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Anun when you find out could you post links as this is something I was unaware could be done with all apples closed fisted secrecy measures


No. The program itself isn't good enough. You'd need to be experienced in using programming flash boxes that probably go up way beyond how much you would be willing to spend one on. Also highly illegal probably and you could only find this in China,


@benjamen50 how exactly is it illegal? If you own the device, you have the right to modify it however you please.

@jimfixer I did some research and updated everything, as well as slightly modifying the purpose of this post for the benefit of everyone as a whole.


Bens right in that here we'd get our assets sued of by apple , in China they get away with anything. But still would love to know how its done


2860mAh high capacity battery for longer usage

Now the higher mAh is only possible of the battery is physically larger. Otherwise you are being scammed if it physically is the same size and says higher capacity on it.

Every high capacity lithium-ion battery you see in the market for removable batteries and non-user replaceable batteries are a scam if they are not physically larger than the original battery.

Now about this: 'If you own the device, you have the right to modify it however you please.'

This does not apply to changing the IMEI number in certain countries. Some countries will deem it illegal under their law.


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