Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Why does my phone work correctly but after and hour reboots constantly

Was at the gym one day and while listening to music my phone decided to cut off. After it restarted it was on for about 3 mins and then rebooted again. After it rebooted it just constantly kept on rebooting. Took awhile to put it into dfu mode and restored it but that only made it work for about an hour. Opened it up and popped the battery cable as well as the screen connectors. I replaced the screen about 5 months ago maybe there was a bad connection. Put it back together it worked once again for about an hour or so and rebooted. The screen went white with lines for about 5 mins and then cut off completely. Let it sit for about a min it turns right back on like nothings happened to it. Hour goes by and it reboots again.

Any answer on the possibility my screen just crapped out on me and needs to be replaced?

Could the battery cause this issue?

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You said you replaced the screen about 5 months ago. When doing a screen replacement for the iPhones 6 plus its very important to put back the screws back exactly were they originally if not you could do damage to the logic board with the wrong screw which causes your screen to reboot and not wanting to work correctly. You would have to remove the logic board and use a microscope to see if there is any visible damage and if it is then you have to use very thin copper wire to solder the broken connection and that will fix you're rebooting issue. Also could be a defective battery which needs to be replaced that would be the most cost effective and easy way to isolate the battery being the issue.

I hope this helps you, if you have any other questions let me know.

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So far once it gets to the point that I think it's working and I know it won't. It shut off a total of 2 times in the past 5 days when it sits. I know as soon as I pop a sim in there and use it like normal *boom* restart.... It will probably give me a solid 30 to an hour of compliance before it restarts and gets stuck. The battery right now is at 86%. Can that be ruled as a failed part? I know from previous battery issues on my old 4 it would charge to 100% and stay that way for about 30 mins then shut off and reboot showing 10%.. If it is the logic board wouldn't it be a constant reboot?

Just realized... If the screws are in the wrong spots could there be one thats touching the logic board and causing it to short.... Possible no solder fix if installed correctly?


Yes it could be the battery but most likely not, just by the way you are describing the problem. Have you tried having the phone open again with all the screws that hold the shield removed and seeing if the problem goes away or not. Also your best bet is to take it to a local repair shop and have them troubleshoot the battery for your free of charge to rule out the battery.


When your Phone reboots is the battery level lower each time it reboots. gillrios is on the right track with the screws being in the wrong spot . I've seen this problem before. iPhone 6 Plus Display Assembly Replacement

in step 9 there are two screws that if inverted will cause shorts under certain conditions. they hold the battery connector


Took it to a local place and they told me "software" issue. About to crack this baby open and see. Battery level stays the same.


Update. Left the sim card tray out until the battery died from just sitting on the shelf. Charged the phone to 100% because I was frustrated and phone worked all day on wifi *just grabbing and seeing if it unlocks with my fingerprint*. Popped the sim card back in and it worked for a solid 5 hours then restarted. Grabbed a new sim went to the gym and restarted after 30 mins. Haven't tried using the phone for a couple hours with just wifi and the sim card tray out.


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