Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Not charging when plugging in the charger, but the LEDs turn on

Hi, I know it's been asked many times, I've tried all kinds of methods in restarting, no help from that.

I know its an old machine but I just bought it and the battery was working fine and it stopped after taking the battery out and putting back in, The light on the battery turns on I checked the cells they work and overall voltage at the end of the wires is 12v :)

Now I'm wondering about the resistors on the motherboard or the battery logic board that are related to the battery charging stuff. The Mac sees the battery, but says its not charging.

I only fixing this as a hobby since I'm kinda into electronics

Sorry if my english is bad, as it's not my mother tongue :-)


Answer this question I have this problem too

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Can you give us the fill serial number so we know what your exact model is.


its : w8745092z5v


thank you soo much but this isnt the answer im looking for :D


Maybe a reset of the SMC, might help to fix this issue. My MacBook Pro 17¨ A1229 did suffer from an issue, no entirely similar (The MacBook could see the battery, but the indicator on the chargers cable did not light up when plugged in. I tested on another old Mac (A1181) and the indicator on the cable lit up immediately. Did a reset of the SMC on A1229 and the problem was solved.


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I would start things off here making sure the MagSafe connectors are in good shape. Using a slightly damp cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol clean the contact surfaces. With the MagSafe charger unplugged press slightly on the contact pins to see if they depress. Also note if the contacts are melted or off center. You may need to replace the MagSafe board. Follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Core 2 Duo MagSafe Board Replacement.

Given the systems age, I would also suspect the PRAM battery is bad here. When you took the main battery out it lost all of its settings in PRAM as it was the main battery which was still supplying the needed power. Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: MacBook Core 2 Duo PRAM Battery (Santa Rosa/Penryn) Replacement.

MacBook Core 2 Duo Magsafe Board Image


MacBook Core 2 Duo Magsafe Board Replacement

Difficulty: Moderate30 minutes - 2 hours

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i took the battery while the power was connected , the charger is brand new , the battery was out in the past but used to worke untill i took out the batery to check the cells inside :) after putting it back together i still get the charge led on the battery but no charging from the mac


So you took the battery apart then, correct?


correct and check each cell , which they were ok , put it back together , geting the voltage of 12 at the ends , puting it back to laptop to see how it does the orang light comes up for 10 seconds then goes green and no change after no matter if i remove the battery power down the laptop doing a restart on all pram vram sram whateverram :D , im a med student but i have a hand in electronics so i know i havent messed up the wiering of the battery :)


I would recommend you get a second battery unit and give that a try. Your battery was most likely on its last legs anyway given the age of the system.


thank you dan for the advise but the thing is when i click on the battery LED it comes up as 3 light ! and when i check the battery cells itsell they are looking realy fine , i just want to try all the fixes befor buying a new battery as the new battery price is equall to this system :)


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