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admin password installed by disgruntled Exboyfriend

So my now Ex boyfriend decided that he was upset over our break up, and felt a compelling overwhelming urge to retaliate in some way. He finally decided the best way to hurt/ get back at me was to add a password to my lap top. I guess an admin password, I bought the laptop at a pawn shop and never set up a password I just always left it unlocked. wont make that mistake again

I dont have a recovery disk and cant afford to pay an online site or a shop what r my options how can I unlock my laptop

thank you for all your help

Always Tink

Update (05/14/2016)

yes it wants password after I turn it on

Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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When does the computer ask for the password, right after turning it on or once you get into Windows?


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5 Answers

Chosen Solution

Getting a popup box asking for a password as soon as you power on the system and before Windows loads then the bios has a password on it (as you confirmed with your update in the original message).

As mentioned by others you will need to pull the cmos battery.

The E7250 looks identical to the E7240, so this video for the E7240 should work fine.

As per the video, ground yourself before opening up the system. Review the video in full before you attempt this -- and follow all instructions.

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Thanks for answering my question. Sounds like a BIOS password was installed, to clear that password you will need to find the BIOS battery and remove it to clear the BIOS. This can be found under the plastic covering on the bottom of the machine. I don't know too much about the architecture of this particular machine but it should be pretty straight forward by removing the the screws on the bottom of the laptop and then lifting it off, NEVER try to force anything off unless you know what you are doing. Look for a cell battery and remove it from the motherboard and let the machine sit for around 30sec, reinsert it and see if it has cleared the password.

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So, the PC is blocked by its BIOS, and so the solution proposed by Albert Park, using windows features, cannot work.

16457m is right, you have to remove the BIOS barttery for a while to clear the password. I went to the support site of Dell : the lithium battery used to keep memory of BIOS settings and time when the PC is off is very difficult to reach, as you can see here :

If you are kind of a geek or used to reardown things to repair them, you can follow these instructions, but if it seems too complex or too risky, you can get your PC repaired at a PC-repairshop, but...

Repair could be useless if your ex-boyfriend was stupid and/or angry enough to have deleted all your personal data; but the only way to know if he did is to "bypass" this password (or maybe negociate ?).


I second markorki i.e. 16457m.

Didn't catch the update as a reply to the first answer response. Sorry and thanks!


The Dell Latitude E7250 is a laptop. The article posted is for a desktop system - the dell link above. ;)


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I suppose your system is a flavour of windows, and I'm afraid it's risky to try to overcome this problem using windows.

You don't say if your computer asks for a password *before* booting (BIOS password) or after booting, just before starting a windows session.

If the password is asked by windows, this could work :

If you can use an other computer , and if your blocked PC has a usable DVD reader/burner, you should try to

- download and burn a bootable rescue CD (the easiest to use are linux rescue CDs/DVDs)

- backup your data to an external hard disk (you must find one, with enough room for your data).

- depending of the version of windows you use, there could be a file to erase or to reset to initial value so as to delete the password

If the password asked is a boot password, i.e asked by the BIOS, it can be erased by resetting the setup of the BIOS. For this purpose, depending of the make/model of your PC, you have 2 solutions.

- you just can take the battery out for a couple of days and wait till the mother board "forgets" its setup and goes back to factory default configuration

- or you will have to connect/disconnect a jumper on the motherboard to "lobotomise" the BIOS.

I'll be back if I find more info about your Dell ;-)

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Hi Tinker,

lets try hacking into your computer via recovery boot + command line

1. boot up into recovery mode:

there are few ways to do this, depending on the operating system you're using. trying these:

> when you see the windows logo on as the computer is turning on, press F8 or Shift + F8

> when you're at the login screen, look for the on-screen power button and and when you see the options (sleep, shutdown, restart...), hold down Shift and click restart

2. you'll find some options to recover your computer. any chance you backup an image or a recovery point? if so, you can just select that option to easily return a point before the password was assigned.

3. if you didn't have any backups, no worries. Let's use the command prompt (located in advance options of the recovery mode) to create you a new account. and this time with admin privileges and a password :)

- enter command prompt screen within the recovery mode

- type the following and replace the unbolded words with your username and password, respectively

net localgroup Administrators UserName Password /add

(example: net localgroup Administrators Tinker myexisanidiot /add)

----You might get an error message if admin privileges if the computer has previously installed admin restrictions. in which case, if we're lucky, the setting to disable/change password is on by default so try this link:

Once you're in your new account, open up the account settings/account managment control panel window. and change the password to your original account.


if this doesn't work, try both or the latter of these two methods:

1. go back to the recovery mode command prompt window and add a standard user (non-admin)

net user UserName Password /add

2. in your new account, go to Microsoft dreamspark website where they provide free windows Operating systems for students and install a bootable OS image that you can use to reinstall the operating system.

hope this helps, good luck!

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The one issue with dreamspark is you have to verify you are a student.


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contact for any type of hacking services and you wont be dissapointed oferring legit services on different range of hacking issues

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