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Why does my phone show a red lined battery symbol?

My Blackberry shows a battery symbol with a red line through it. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

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mongos. none of them work:L my phones still $!!^&^..

by hecotr

none of this workls i had to send mine off :(

by ashley

it works....wohooooo ur a genius thanx alot

by bantei

I have done all the steps, but I am getting message during the installation that " Application loader was unable to connect with your device. Please re-connect your device, enter the password if required and click retry"

When I reconnecting the device, the installation stops and the whole process needs to be done again and falling into a vicious circle. Simply clicking retry is also not working. canceling is also not working.

Kindly advise.

by sksanthoshkumar


by dave

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My Blackberry has the same problem!

With my research, I've found that it can mean one of two things;

1. Your operating system (OS) is no good and needs to be reinstalled.

2. You have the wrong kind of battery. OR

B. Your battery is not connecting with the prongs correctly.

To fix 2B is simple. Place a piece of paper folded a few times between the top edge of the battery and the phone to push it towards the prongs.

To fix 2 is also simple. Purchase the right kind of battery.

To fix 1 is a bit more complicated. But here it is.

1) Plug in your blackberry to your computer without it's battery. Also, remove the SD card.

2) Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager

--If it says your device is not connected or you cannot find your device;

(Sometimes Your Blackberry wont be recognized. If this is the problem, a pop-up window will pop-up and say something along the lines of; "The BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot connect with this device. This device is rebooting or has a dead battery. Click Retry to attempt to reconnect once the device reboots." You should also have three options. 'Cancel' 'Repair...' and 'Retry'. Click Retry first. If you get the message again, click repair. (Go to step 4))

3) If it recognizes your device, Click on Update or Restore

**Next three steps are very important! Read all before doing any!**

4) Select the OS you want to update too. ( is the latest version)

-Get your battery ready to put in.

5) When installation starts, wait for it to "Initialize"

6) The second it starts the complete process of installing, insert your battery.

7) Let it finish installing and Do NOT disconnect the wire from your phone or computer until it is completely finished installing.

8) Now unplug the phone, and plug it into an electrical wall outlet. Allow to charge for one hour and restart your phone.

Hopefully that works!

Best of Luck to you!

-Andy Cope

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I did all of the above. Nothing worked. Tried placing a piece of card to tighten battery in its place. That didn't work either. What did work was some witch hazel I had on hand, and a Qtip. After scraping the battery terminals I clean them down. Then wipe the prongs on the phone itself. Reconnected .... and wollah! It booted up and was able to update and reinstall the operating system using the the desktop manager:-D

by Shawn Bowen

@ Shawn this worked , thanx bro

by Wisdom Mosesenyane

Thanks Shawn that worked for me..... Thanks a ton.

by hugsbugsandkisses

Thanks m8. The 4 contacts on the battery not clean . So i scratched them clean with a dart. Worked for me

Thanks it was problem B

by martin blake

Thanks shawn. Cleaning the 4 contact points helped. :)

by nishan makandar

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When the handheld displays the Battery icon with a red line through it, an incorrect battery type is inserted in the handheld. To resolve this issue, use only a RIM manufactured battery for your specific handheld model. Curve batteries are normally blue (at this time at least) and Pearl batteries are yellow".

Talk to tech (dial 611 and say "my phone isn't working") they will trouble shoot it with you (call in on a different phone).

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I was getting the red X battery and i used the paper trick and it worked.I also had to do an update after the blackberry was reconized. now to wait for the battery to full charge and see if it works aftewards.

thanks for the tips cause I was pretty much giving up.

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These are also very good ways to work.... a few days ago my phone wasn't charging up and when i put it on charge it came up with a little charger symbol with a line through.... I TRIED THE FOLLOWING WHAT HAD WORK BEFORE

1. rip out a little piece of paper and put it on the side where the pongers aint this pushes the battery towards the pongers (i dont know the proper name for them) this worked for me but it has to be 100 percent full !!

2. i also put my battery in the blackberry then go to a carpet and about 3ft of the ground drop it on the side this worked for mee aswell !!! knoked it back into place !

3. if you have an sd card take it out and put youre phone on charge this may work !!

4. the main one what i,ve done hundreds of times and came back on is... ok now pick up youre phone and take the back off now take the sd card out now put youre phone on charge and insert the battery again now wait for a while and it should come back on i havnt tried putting the sd card back in but it should come on

thanks for reading :)













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Dit werk ni. En dis my ma se foon wat so maak kan iemand my. Help asb

by monique

&&^& IT WORKED!!! dropped down to the carpet and boom!!! I have tried everything else before that!!!

by Dimitris Lampiris

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reconnecting to jvm error during installation what can i do?

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Your nightmare may just be your backcover or power control clip at the bottom of the phone... bb has a way of moderating power

with the back casing, which when loose or screws are not in place will give u a red crossd battery sign... do yourself a big faviour and check on these indicators before spending too many dollars on extras

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thnx screws were loose

by damian

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1. rip out a little piece of paper and put it on the side where the pongers aint this pushes the battery towards the pongers (i dont know the proper name for them) this worked for me but it has to be 100 percent full !!

2. i also put my battery in the blackberry then go to a

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not only did my port stop working a year later phone started saying battery drained shutting hand held down. I went to get a new battery full charged and it worked for a while then it started saying it again. I've been using a external charger for spare battery for about alternating the batteries. Again it started shutting down hand held with full charged battery in it. I then did the above taking out sim card, then media card this worked for a mth but again i'm still am having a problem.

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This problem can happen mainly due to a duplicate battery, try replacing the battery with an original blackberry battery. Other reason maybe of the battery not getting proper contact with the connector. the battery connector maybe corroded. just scribe the battery connector with a metal blade or screw driver to remove the corrosion. now try and put back the battery and see if it connects. an other issue maybe of the battery connector not getting proper contact with the motherboard, in this case replace the battery connector or clean the battery connection points on the motherboard and also the battery connector with IP or PCB cleaner. This problem can also rarely happen due to an software issue and some times due to a problem in the charging circuit

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