My Intex ibuddy Connct 3 is not opening.

My Intex ibuddy Connct 3 (Tablet) is not opening. It is not charging as well, but when I connect it to my PC, the current flows from it, I get earthed when I touch it. But my PC doesnot recognizes it, nor the tablet is charging.

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@benjamen50 Can you help me with this as well. Thanks


I'm going to have to go with either the charging port is bad or the charging circuit has gone bad instead.

If the charger port definitely doesn't look damaged or dirty at all in terms of broken pins or socket then it is usually the charging circuit on the logic board gone bad. Now to find which components on the logic board is quite difficult.

You will need a multimeter to measure each component for the charging circuit. I wouldn't know which one as I don't have any electrical schematics for the logic board. Sometimes it's not worth repairing in the end and replacing it might be a better option.


Well, I am just a newbie in such things, But when I connect my device to computer via usb cable, current flows through the device. Doesn't it mean that charging port is OK?


Yes, this is a very common issue for cheap quality or other non-major brand tablets. I don't think this one would be repairable as I've never heard of anyone repairing this issue on your tablet in particular because it ended up always being the logic board being at fault. Damaged beyond repair as they say.

Sometimes the power goes through the charging port but does not reach the battery and sometimes there is a fault in the charging circuit of the device which is causing a short circuit. Which both of these are pretty unrepairable.


So I get it now that my tablet is not repairable. But any idea how much could I get If I sell the tablet for its parts. OR just tell me which parts are important so I can remove them from my tablet, and save them incase there is a need for them in future for other devices. This is the sanp of my tablet from the inside:


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