The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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Screen replacement -- can I do this myself?

The guys who have a free computer clinic at my library told me they could fix it and advised me to order it from iFixit which I did and it arrived in two or three days. But when I brought it to them, they now said they weren't able to do it because they didn't have a way to "heat" up the old one to get the old screen off.

I called several computer places around me who said they don't do it; they send it out for $130 but would not use my screen I bought from iFixit.

I'm pretty handy, have the new screen and can follow directions. I've seen a few you tubes on how to do this.

Have any of you replaced your screen? Would you advise me to try this on my own? Any tips?


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When opening the screen, you need to be careful of a few things to avoid cutting cables. Such as the power button and volume button cables. These are located at the top right and usually the cable is sometimes touching the glass or even sticking to the adhesive. When prying the top right of the iPad make sure you don't use your prying too much in or you'll risk cutting the cable.

There is also a wifi antenna that has adhesive on top of it. You need to make sure you don't cut the antenna and when lifting up that area, the wifi-antenna will be stuck on to the glass at times and you will need to separate it with a prying tool.

When unplugging the iPad digitizer ribbon cable, make sure you don't use a metal prying tool and use a plastic one instead to lift up the clips that hold it in place. As doing this can short the logic board. You can lift up the clips with your hand but be gentle with them.

Is the housing of the iPad dented in any way especially at the corner bezels of the iPad? If it is dented too badly it will be hard to put the new digitizer on as dents may cause it not to sit properly causing the glass to push up. You will need to straighten these dents to get the digitizer to sit flush with the iPad.

It will be easier to open if you heat up the glass. Depending on how much cracked the glass is, the less it is cracked the easier it will be to lift up and separate the glass as there's less glass fragments to take off.

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@marekremser it is a bit of a PITA to do it, but really not that complicated. Once you properly identify which iPad 2 you have, use these guides and check for the replacement guides. You will need some sort of heating source (i.e. hot air gun, hair dryer), etc. to remove the screen. The WiFi antenna will be the biggest obstacle, I cut mine a few times before I learned to be really careful around that area. Read the guides a few times so you know what to expect.

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Have at it Mary! DIY iPad 2 screen replacement was the first repair I ever did and it eventually lead to a new full time career in microsoldering and board repair. It is hard to completely destroy and iPad 2 even if it doesn't work out. The worst pitfalls are damage to the wifi antenna and the power/vol flex---but even if that happens, you can still take it to an expert. If you're careful, this is totally doable. The other thing to watch out for is to install the new digitizer flex exactly the same as the old one in terms of not folding or creasing the flex.

Good luck!


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