Power cuts off randomly / when screen is moved

Replaced the battery with the guide / parts listed here - I'm wondering when i installed it could I have loosened or damaged something? (I have removed and reinstalled the battery a couple of times to see if it would make a difference - nothing immediately obvious to me anyway).

At first the replacement worked fine but then maybe a couple of days after installation started shutting down suddenly while on battery power. Sometimes it will hold power when not plugged in but moving the screen will cause a shutdown. Sometimes it will power on when not plugged in, oftentimes not.

There are other issues such as some of the modifier keys on the keyboard not working. All issues started with El Capitan but that could be a coincidence.

When powered on with battery power that battery charge is 100% and battery shows normal status.

I've bought a replacement since but I'd like to resurrect this as a backup. Works ok on battery power but sometime sluggish and high memory consumption (again this could be el capitan related). Any help appreciated thanks!

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