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PS4 to TV (Black Screen but could hear sounds)

When I turn on my PS4, everything starts properly and I could hear the sounds coming from the TV. But I get a black screen the entire time. Tried it on another TV and same problem. My nephew said he jumped on it (bad decision to have left it on the ground). I have not a clue as to how to approach this problem. Please help if you can & thank you.

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It's very likely that your PS4 just has a broken HDMI port. The ports on these are very fragile and break often. Many times you will still be able to hear sound even if you don't see a picture. Since your PS4 starts up normally and everything seems to work fine other than you don't get a picture there is most likely nothing major wrong. It's very, very likely that it's just an HDMI port issue.

When he jumped on it he probably either jumped on the HDMI cable or somehow caused the cable to get jammed into the port. This could have easily caused it to go bad. The original HDMI ports on these were really bad.

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Worst case scenario: when he jumped on it, the logic board cracked. Solution: get a new device.

Other scenarios

The pins holding the processor heatsink on snapped out, and the processor was overheating. Solution: If it's not already totally fried, reapply thermal compound (preferably Arctic Silver 5) and reinstall the heatsink. If that doesn't fix it, time for a new console.

The connector for HDMI was damaged. Solution: get an HDMI port with solder points, desolder the old one, and solder a new one on. This is highly improbable, though, because HDMI is a digital connection, and the sound wouldn't have passed through.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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-Thermal paste has nothing to do with why this console is acting this way. If the "processor was overheating" then the console would beep 3 times, the light would turn red and it would turn itself off. This console is not overheating.

-If the "logic" board was cracked it would probably not even turn on.

-HDMI ports on PS4's will often times send sound through but not the picture...it just depends on which pins on the port are broken.


I have mine hooked up with optical audio cable for sound and hdmi for video. No picture but can hear sound fine. console responds to my buttons on controller and can hear the console open programs. Would this isolate the problem into the HDMI port in your opinion? Also would it be worth it to try to fix myself or send to sony tech so i dont mess it up worse?


Sounds like it could be the HDMI port. If you haven't tried a new cable you should do that first.

Don't try replacing the port yourself...unless you have a good amount of soldering experience.


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Try a different TV/HDMI cable. I did both and mine worked again.

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