How to change DVR setting from DV1 to DV. 3

I have 2 Sony DVD recorders DVR GX 455 and GX 355, I sent them for service with United Radio service, they didn't do anything but they messed up the settings.

How can I change the setting from DV1 to the original Sony setting DV 3,

I tried several times by pressing ENTER and 3 at the same time it didn't work.

can someone help

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Are you asking about the 'command mode' setting, regarding remote controls and multiple Sony DVD Recorders/Players? As the default setting is DVD 3 have you tried resetting the recorder using the Easy Setup procedure?

Have you also remembered to check that you have also changed the remote control to match the command mode setting in the recorder. (On the remote press and hold 'Enter', press and hold '3' (you should now be holding both Enter and 3) Hold for more than 3 seconds.


ON SONY DVD-RX455 how to change the setting from DV 1 to DV 3 (the original Sony setting.) I tried pressing enter & 3 didn't work

Please Help.

Thank you


Hi, Did you try the Easy Setup procedure again? According to the manual this resets the recorder back to its' default settings. The default setting is DVD3.


When the function is changed from DVD3 to any other setting the remote no longer works. So all of the above answers will not work either. See page 23 of the manual. SONY rep - can you help out?


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