Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Fried iPhone 6 Plus? Can this be repaired?

After replacing the screen, I connected the wrong cable from the screen to LCD port on logic board.

I saw a tiny bit of smoke/vapour so i disconnected really quick.

Now the replacement and old screen show garbled display.

Can this be fixed?

Would returning to apple for OOW repair be only alternative?

Here's what it looks like. I've tested a few screens and they all look the EXACT same.

I'm thinking its display IC or something?

Block Image

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Hello! I by accident did the same thing to my Iphone 6s apart from the screens still blank but I can hear it when it plugs in to charge...what did you do in the end?


I sent the phone to apple. Set up the repair online. Just said I had problem with the LCD.

They didn't ask em any questions, just did a replacement.

Five days turnaround.

Happy with the result, but it cost me €350


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Unfortunately at this point it is not a DIY anymore.

And OOW repair is not the only alternative as you can take it or send it to a micro soldering repair technician for diagnosis and repair. It should cost you less than an OOW repair at Apple for now, unless the screen is damaged as well. Let them quote you then decide accordingly.

If you're not sure who can do it for you, ask your local phone repair shop (they may do it or outsource it). Alternatively check my profile here for a link to a website with a list of reputed micro soldering repair specialists. Most if not all accept mail in.

Your issue can be display/back-light circuit as well as touch circuit (very common on 6 Plus). Cost can build up very quickly, so a picture of how your screen looks right now can be helpful to determine what could be wrong. But if you connect it to show us the issue, turn it back off quickly just in case something is still shorted.

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I've added an image of what the screen looks like.

What I'm thinking is, if i send it somewhere else to get fixed, wouldn't that void my warranty, and apple may not even fix it in an OOW situation?


Yes, if you temper with it Apple will not replace it any more even if you want to pay for it in an OOW swap. So it's either OOW swap or send for repair. A swap is more expensive but with a guaranteed result. Your call.


I've had just like this 2 days ago. It is indeed a bad component that gets fried and if it is anything like the one I saw, can be normally replaced and works perfectly well afterwards with a lifetime warranty covering the repair - unless you repeat the mistake.


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Try to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. If that doesn't work and you have to send it in go to a website called gadget and and they do micro soldering and they can fix it. For the ic chips it $100 or for it to be reworked it is about $60.

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Battery must be connected after LCD connectors.

Battery must 100% charged befor starting.

Do a hard reset, then,

Update iTunes to the latest version before you start

Try doing a restore using a USB cable connected to a PC in iTunes. The LCD calibration software will only work when connected to a PC via charging cable when doing a ~>Restore to computer

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You haven't a clue what you're on about!!?!

It's obviously a hardware problem, software isn't going to solve it.


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