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My MacBook freezes after liquid spill, guest user works fine.

I spilled a little bit of beer on the top left corner on my macbook pro. Turned it off immediately and put it on its side for a bit. After a while I tried turning it on again because the spillage was not to big and it worked perfectly. But the day after it froze when I tried to log in to my account. Turned it off to let it dry for another day, but it didn`t help much.

I sent it in to apple to let them check it out and they said that the logic board and keyboard needed to be replaced.

I opened it up to clean the logic board my self with some stilled water, but it didn`t improve anything.

Then I tried login in to the guest user and as a surprise it worked perfectly!

As an accident I started it in boot mode, cmd + R while starting, and was able to wipe the hard drive and reinstalling OSX, but couldn`t make a new user without it freezing. So then I restored it from a backup which went perfect, but it still froze when trying to log in to the account.

On the edge of giving up I bought a can of isopropanol and gave the logic board a bath and dried it with a hair blower. I was able to enter the desktop after that and open safari (some times), but it still froze in the end.

Now I`m out of ideas and hoping some of you have any advice about what to do.

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If it works with the guest user but not the primary, that sounds like a software issue. Does the Safari work in guest user mode? How did the liquid enter the machine? Do you have a system on the external drive ? If not see if you can install one and boot from it. Then run Disk Utilities from the external to check the internal.

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I seems like Safari works fine in guest mode and in the recovery mode. The liquid got into the machine on the left side of the air intake. There was hints of spillage on the backlight connector, which the apple technician pointed out as the source of the problems..

I can get an external drive and try booting it from there.


The liquid got nto the left side vent right where the SSD is! I'd reformat it and use the zero disk option then install a new system and restore from my Time Machine backup.


I`ll try that!



Similar problems for me at the moment.

What it the zero disc option in OS High Sierra?


Anton I have no idea of what the zero disk option is


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Seems you should find another logic board, but now I'm think about what Apple say..why also keyboard need replacement? Maybe is just a issue on keyboard freeze the os... I hope some veteran user here can answer this question.

Good luck

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Maybe you can try to turn on without keyboard and see if still freeze.

1) Disconnect the keyboard

2)Find the bridge on logic board to turn on Where are the power pads on this early 2013 MacBook Pro Model?

3) Use usb mouse


I tried starting it with the internal keyboard disconnected, still froze...


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