iPhone 6 - Searching / Not Service - Rare case

Hello! my iphone is out signal, I connect the SIM and then says No Service. I tried to force the restart, change the SIM, I reestablished the network settings, then install again from iTunes iOS did not work. Then disconnect and connect the battery again and returned to work, but while it happens again. Rarely if I put the Pentalobe happens in minutes, without them change occurs every few days. I hope your help. Cheers

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On the charger port assembly there are antenna parts that are connected to it. One (or two) of them are very close to the pentalobe screws. Not sure if this can cause a issue but maybe someone else will know how to fix this issue.


@Ben I am sure that that antenna part is for the wifi/bluetooth antenna. The actually cellular antenna is another components.

Have any repairs been done?


Yes, the display was changed.


May be the repair was done badly and caused pry damage or they forgot to install something; or the drop that broke the screen caused damage to the cellular signal circuit, which is a ##&&% to pinpoint and repair because so many components are involved. So if the damage is at board level, it can be done, but not easily nor cheaply. Can you see an IMEI number under Setting>General>About when you experience loss of signal?


There are a multitude of antennas in this device and while you may see some listed as one thing or another I swear they work in mysterious ways.

The WiFi antenna is a flat flex cable look antenna at the top of the phone. Also at the top is the cellular antenna which is a more common looking wire with socket. THEN there is the antenna that is part of the charging doc, where your problem could be. The on attached tot he doc is listed as a cellular antenna. If pentelobes being placed in our out of the phone cause and issue my guess is that Rany could be correct. There is either a component that is damaged and the pressure is causing it to make proper contact or not to.

I would suggest checking the 2 antennas commonly used for signal strength to make sure they are both securely connected.


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