Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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I have moisture under the screen

I have moisture under the screen as I was caught in the rain....the screen is streaky.

How do I dry it out? Or should I replace the screen?

Do you have an ifixit guide on how to replace?



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This is a loaded question that if I give you a simple answer and tell you to stick it in a bag of desiccant or silica gel and leave it there for a few days it may help there would be an eruption of "oh no you didn't just say that. But that said let me also say that if you got moisture under the screen there's probably moisture on and around the logic board and if not cleaned properly you can end up with a hole new bunch of problems. So hears what I would do.Start by tearing the phone apart. Clean ever connection with a soft toothbrush. As well clean the logic board use a 99% isopropal alcohol for all cleaning. now is the time to start drying out the phone. Set the screen in a desiccant or silica gel leave it in for several day moving it from time to time to get the max effect from the desiccant . use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to dry the rest of the phone. Only use a hair dryer once you have cleaned the phone completely with the alcohol. Do not attempt to dry the phone if its still wet with water with the blow dryer as this only spreds the water. Replace the battery with a new one consider the old ones done. Clean again with isopropal alcohol let dry and when you think everything is clean and dry reassemble the phone (make sure to clean the contacts on the screen after removing from the desiccant). Once you've reassembled the phone its time to power it on. Hold your breath and hope for the best And remember if someone tells you to put it in rice "Laugh at them and tell them rice is food not a tool" Hope this helps

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I'd like to add my 2 cents when it comes to liquid damage. 1st, from experience liquid damage is not a DYI repair. 2nd, money should not be spent on badly liquid damaged iOS devices except for data recovery or in case the board has very little & topical damage. That said; 3rd, batteries are usually the 1st to go but not always! If still working, he can leave it in there. 4th, surfactants in an ultrasonic cleaner are needed to remove oxidation/corrosion from copper & solder. IPA will only displace liquids & degrease. 5th, IPA might be able to displace some of the liquid from underneath the shields. But without removing the latter you're performing an imperfect & incomplete "better than nothing" solution. 6th, drying can be done with warm air @ max speed then desiccant for 24H max. After all, if only IPA remains, the latter evaporates readily without need for extremely long periods. But in case the shields are still on, 24H could be warranted. Less if they're off.


@rany I agree with what you say for the most part and in my opinion chuck it if its wet but not everyone can afford to do that and not everyone can afford to even give it to someone with an ultrasonic bath to do a proper cleaning . IPA is not the best thing out there to clean with but distilled water is not easily available and most people who here you say it think well I'll just use water and screw themselves more so I say IPA. This is for the home fix . for the person who wants to fix it themselves This is why I say "Hold your breath and hope for the best"


Yeah I agree which is why I also called it the "better than nothing" solution. That said, I had liquid damage phones that I was able to repair and they're still going strong, but owners had been informed about possible future failures. So it is all generalizations. None of it is an exact science due to the high number of variables.


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Depending on what tools you have, I can think of two options.

You could replace just the backlight on the screen (backlight is about $10), which would require you to solder a basic flex cable. The water is trapped between the layers on the backlight. Drying it will just leave a permanent mark (if not dried already). Depending on your skill level, I'd say it's a bit tricky to do perfectly. You need to be super careful to peeling off just the backlight panel and none of the lcd part. Also be careful not to crack the lcd.

The more expensive option would be to replace the whole screen. Apple charges 129, but not sure if they'll do it for a water damaged phone.

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