Washer won't stop spinning at the end of rinse cycle.

My Whirlpool Thin Twin washer (model number YLTE5243DQ1) works fine until it gets to the spin cycle at the end of the rinse (not the final spin) it spins up fine, but won't stop, it just sits spinning endlessly until you manually advance the timer to the next part of the cycle. The timer works fine for all other cycles and positions.

I checked the drain hose for clogs, it was full of water but I couldn't see an obvious blockage. The unit is in a small tight closet so I'm pulling it out tonight to get a better look at everything. Is it normal for the drain hose to have about a liter of residual water left in it after the drain cycle?

I'm really hoping this isn't a timer issue since the other positions in the timer seem to work fine.


Update (03/01/2016)

Oh I should have clarified that it does stop spinning when the door is opened, but it will start up again once the door is closed. It's just the timer that won't advance when that particular spin cycle is running. It advances for all other parts of the cycle just fine.

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I'm going to look a the control panel wiring tonight. I just don't understand why it works through all the other cycles and just hangs at that single one. Maybe the gears are worn down at that specific spot?


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It's definitely the timer. The retaining pin for the knob was broken inside the cartridge and some plastic bits were rattling around inside. I managed to tap out all the debris and sprayed in some silicone lubricant for good measure but I'm getting the same result, I guess the debris has caused some permanent damage to the gears.

At least I know what part to get, there's quite a few options online for under $200 and it's really easy to get in and remove the timer.

Thanks for your help!

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See the link I gave you, The timer is $113.71.


Got the timer repaired by a guy who runs a very specific appliance timer repair business out of his garage for $70 flat. Reinstalled it and now it works like a dream!


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The problem may be caused by a problem with the clutch and/or basket drive-brake. When you open the lid the basket should brake fairly quickly. If the motor shuts off and the basket continues to turn most likely the clutch/brake is the problem.

The basket drive and clutch can be replaced by removing the transmission. I would usually suggest a technician do this repair.

This could also be caused by a loose wire, I'd unplug it, take the back off and check all the wiring first.


It's not the clutch. Check the wiring on the timer: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/T...

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