No service, tried replacing cellular antenna but no luck.

This is a very frustrating and akward story! I purchased a faulty iPhone 6, which gets No service or keeps "searching" all the time. I noticed that unplugging the battery, syncing the time and date, and restoring the network settings, works partially (because after turning off, or just turning on airplane mode stucks the phone again in the previous No service problem).

Another thing that I noticed is that removing the pentalobes screws and the two battery holder screws gives me again signal for like two days and then I need to restart the same procedure of "restore".

I tried replacing the entire dock aswell and it seemed to have fixed the problem (and did work with all screws bolted too) but again after two days it drops the signal again and I'm stuck like this.

Any help/ideas? (Phone is factory unlocked and imei is clean aswell.)

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How is the sim reader and the pins that read the sim card?

What is the IMEI exactly? Sometimes a phone might be blocked in another country if it's from another country. (Had a similar issue)

Are you using an activated sim or valid sim?

What is the model number of the phone?


Sim reader and pins are fine I think... Because after my temporary fix the phone works until I power it off/switch to airplane mode! How do I check them?

IMEI: 35 836406 954372 4

Model number: A1586 MG4F2QL/A

I ran a premium checkmend today from and it was clean.

I called the carrier the phone was purchased with and they confirmed the IMEI is clean. I'm using a valid and activated sim, I tried a different sim&carrier but get still the same "No service". Thank you for your answer Jake !!


Did you try factory resetting the device? The dock port you have may be defective and I'd try another dock connector and dfu restore to rule out any further issues


I'll try another dock in these days then.. Did try factory resetting with the original dock !


No Service would have something to do with the Antenna on the device or sim card reader. Katia, check if you can see 6 gold pins in the sim reader. They are the large ones that actually touch the sim card. Make sure they are all there.


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