3 Inch large black bar has appeared on screen.


I've had the laptop since April 2014, and unfortunately in Canada the warranty for this type of notebook expires after 12 months. Recently a large 3 inch black bar has been appearing on the mid-left side of my screen. I am usually able to bend the screen slightly and bar will go away however lately it is much harder to get rid of the bar. I have to hold the screen in a certain position for it to disappear which is not really feasible.

I assume that this may be because of a weak wire connection, but i'm not exactly sure how to go about fixing that. I have also read that it is possible that a graphics card may have overheated and caused this which is possible because my computer runs very hot.

The problem has been getting worse over time as it is almost impossible to get the right angle to remove the black bar anymore so I feel like the wire is becoming more loose (or the issue is getting worse).

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