Broken Home Button - Mainboard Failure -HELP

Hello Guys!

The Home Button of my Ipod touch is Broken.

Its very hard to describe, what happened. So I painted some Pictures:

Block Image

I HOPE You understand what I want to tell you. The Home button itself, is on a little plate. This plate gives a Contact, to the Blue metal Plate on the Mainboard of the iPod. On this blue Colored Place (Of course, its silver in real) is a little metal Spring. This spring is Broken down. I can solder it on the Mainboard, believe me - I can ;) But the Problem is, the Home Button still doesnt work. So I tried to Short circuit the Contact between the Metal Plate and the Bigger Resistor. If you believe me or not, but when I short circuit it, The Ipod thinks I pressed the Home button, The running app will be Closed.

So what now? It seems, there is no Contact between the Metal plate and the resistor anymore. Whan Can I do now?

I dont have a Camera with a high Resolution, that means I can't shot a high Res picture.

Greetings, Kentsfield

Edit: OH HEY! I shot a few pictures, which are - Well, lets say, acceptable.

Block Image

Original Picture

Block Image

Edited Picture. YOu can see the Blue place, and the Trace to the Resistor which I meant.

When I short circuit the blue place and the Resitor, the iPod thinks I pressed the Home button.

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Unfortunately, yes. I am still waiting for a solution for this problem, but I believe that there will never be an answer.

greetZ kentsfield


Does anyone know where the pad is connected to? on mine the entire pad is lifted and gone, and i can't see any traces coming from it.


cj anderson

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I had the same problem. that metal spring is not a button but a fixed contact. My problem was directly under the button. You have to remove the metal plate under the button ( held in by melted plastic tabs)

The button switch is on the other side of the plate and should have a little round spacer glued to the center. Mine had slipped of to one side.

Re glue it to the center of the button switch, or to the back of the actual button, replace metal plate (super glue and remelt plastic tabs)

Then reinstall the front to the unit. Just worked for me.

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AWESOME! Thanks!

I will give it a try!


Hi guys. I know this is a little old. But I have the same problem. One of my little metal thingies jumped into my carpet and I had another one that broke. I was wondering if u guys could think of a replacement or a place to purchas another one of these? Also I haven't had any luck glueing my piece so I'm not sure how exactly to fasten it :/


This happened to me too... I was replacing my cracked screen 3rd gen and my mom comes along and says "Whats this?" while poking the spring piece with a screw driver... then the spring pops out into my carpet that is about 3/4 of an inch tall... !!!!!!!!RAWR!!!!!!!!!


A strong magnet could help in this case. I find all sorts of things hidden in my carpet.

p.s. Tho OP mentioned shorting to a resister. The same "home button press" can be achieved bt shorting pad to any ground on board.


Exactly, I just soldered in a cable to a ground point. The one side of the resistor also leaded to ground.



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