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iMac Intel 27". EMC 2309 (Late 2009, Core 2 Duo 3.06 or 3.33 GHz), EMC 2374 (Late 2009, Core i5 2.66 GHz or Core i7 2.8 GHz)

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How to instal SSD drive in iMac 27 i7 as second drive?

According to Apple, it is possible to have a second hard drive installed in your IMAC 27. Where would that be located and how do I install it?

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Hi, Your question has been asked before--here is a link to help you. Good luck. Ralph

How do I install an SSD as a second drive?.

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There seems to be a rumor that this machine comes standard with two internal hard drive bays. The specs do not bear that out.

The optical drive can be replaced with an extra drive by using an adapter to hold the drive.

by mayer

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I have a late 2009 27" iMac, i5 2.66 and I recently upgraded this computer to a SSD installation in place of the optical drive since the main board on this model did not have a third SATA port. I used a 256 GB OWC SSD and I used their mounting device that mounts in where the optical drive was. I placed the temperature sensor that was on the optical drive on the SSD. I installed a 3 TB WD Green drive in the place of the original drive. For temperature sensing I just purchased another optical drive temperature sensor and installed it on the new hard drive and connected it to the main board where the temperature sensor for the original drive was connected. I have not had any fan speed issues at all with this set up like it is. Everything is working perfect and then system is very fast. I have pictures of the installations if anyone needs them. Also before I started I made sure that the firmware was up to date on my iMac. I purchased a external enclosure for the optical drive from Newegg and it just plugs in to the USB port when I need it.

Cheers and good luck.

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Hi rbucholtz,

Could you share a link to where you purchased the optical drive temp sensor?


by Mathew Rice

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Hi Kyle,

I'm thinking about same thing and finally found some information. There are the link of it, but unfortunately, they are written in Japanese and I don't have enough time to translate them .... :(

Hope you can get something from these picts and wish you good luck!

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If you don't read Japanese, Kyle, I might suggest the following English equivalent:

The author provides suggestions on parts and presents fairly solid teardown and upgrade instructions for the 2010 27-inch iMacs. I used the above site as a reference during my own 27-inch iMac SSD upgrade. Although rj713 seems to believe you're referring to the October 2009 iMacs, I suspect you are actually interested in the July 2010 models. Those 27-inch models do indeed have a third internal SATA connector (unused if you didn't order a secondary SSD from Apple) and adding a third-party 2.5-inch SSD is certainly possible, though it requires substantial disassembly and some skill to pull off effectively.

Hope that helps!

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I don't recommend installing the second drive. Here's why...

I have owned several and have never had any issues until having a SSD drive made by OWC installed by a Apple certified service provider.

I have owned this gorgous mac for 6 weeks, had the SSD drive installed 5 1/2 weeks ago and have spent more hours with apple care than actually using the computer.

OWC sold me the drive via live-person over the phone, at that time the sales rep didn't inform me that there were some drives with issues(10% of them I was told today).

Their firmware update came out a few days after I received the drive. They did not send me a email either, which could of stated there was a firm ware update (which could of saved me 5 weeks of phone time with apple).

Today I spoke with OWC which offered to

1. replace my drive

2. give me a refund (which was out of their 30-day return policy date, how generous).

I paid $250 to have the drive installed, I would have to spend another $250 to take it out to send to them so I can get my refund, and of course OWC will not pay for removing their drive.

If I were to send the computer to OWC I would have to pay for their service to remove the bad drive and install a new one, they weren't going to replace their drive without charging me labor.

BTW-My issue isn't even going to be resolved by the firm ware update I just have a bad drive!

After all this Apple has offered to take out the SSD for me. I am sending it back to OWC, Apple is refunding my money for the imac so I can buy one with the factory installed SSD.

-Much Love

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If you're looking for apple part numbers on the required parts to do this job as it would have been from the factory I got you covered:

These part numbers are valid for the iMac 27" mid 2010

922-9531 - DC or "hair weave" cable. You need to replace the one your iMac has as it's got an extra SATA connection on it (if it didn't come with a SATA and SSD when you bought it).

922-9538 - Data cable for SSD (connects to logic board).

922-9485 - Pressure wall for SSD (SSD mounts on to this).

922-9488 - T8 screws. You will need 5 (1 for the pressure wall and 4 for the SSD).

I did this to my i7 and it was phenomenal. I install an intel 80 GB in mine. Granted I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you really know what you're doing. But if you do have fun!

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Even 5 screws cost $36 - and the rest average $46 EACH CABLE - over $160 in parts and cables PLUS the cost of the SSD is nuts... I'll bet these were all way cheaper when you wrote this excellent advice...

$10 per screw is a new record for me... Wow.

by Dave Stephens

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As Adam mentioned, the part numbers are accurate for the 2010 model. However, you can use the pressure wall from the 2010, but you have to adjust it slightly to fit it into the newer 2011 iMacs.

For the newer 2011 iMacs I recommend skipping the SSD pressure wall and just mounting it underneath the ODD drive. It fits nicely there with plenty of cooling.

2011 iMac SSD install:


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I wrote an Answer post to a similar question Add SSD or Replace Superdrive and it may suit you well if you haven't already found a solution.

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Sure...Sorry I left that out.

If anyone needs anything else just let em know. I also included some images of the installation.

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But is it still possible to do away with the optical drive on a late 2009 Core Duo (2309) and replace it with a SSD??

Most of the places where that question is posted ends up like the above -- a discussion of the 2010 model. Reason I ask is that my Superdrive is toast, and rather taking it in to be replaced, I'd be more than happy to replace it with an SSD (with suitable bracket) and use an external optical drive.

If someone knows, please drop me an email? fernblatt (at) me dot com?




by Tom Norris

@rbucholtz: Pictures and a guide would be awesome! I've been debating doing this myself.

by christophergeo

@rbucholtz does this mean that on a 2009 iMac 27" you cannot have SSD+HD+optic drive configuration?

by Vaz

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I believe so. It's not easy though. That's why most people avoid it. I wish ifixit would do a tutorial for it.

From what I've found it involves the follow:

1. Removing the optical bay (which apparently isn't that easy).

2. One of these:

3. Some good info in this thread: How do I install an SSD as a second drive?

4. Tutorial:

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