Signal won't work when signalling

The signaling light on my Pontiac Sunfire does not work when I want to signal left or right.

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My hazard lights work fine. The turn signal lights up for just ask instant when I move the lever right or left but then nothing.


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What happens when you want to signal?

Do you hear a clicking sound? Does the turn light (left or right) come on and stay on or not at all? Do the Hazard lights work?

If the hazard lights and the turn lights come on but do not flash, the flasher module is probably faulty. (The service manual says the turn/hazard flasher module is mounted, under the dashboard, above and to the right of the brake pedal mounting support).

If the Hazard lights and the turn signal lights do not even come on check their fuses.

This is out of GM's Electronic Service Information (ESI)

Turn Signal, Hazard Lamps Circuit Description

''Both the TRN-BU and the STOP-HAZ fuses in the IP junction block supplies battery positive voltage to the flasher module, which is part of the hazard switch assembly. When the turn signal switch is placed in either the left or right position, current flow is from the flasher module's left or right hand output to the turn signal switch assembly. The flasher module then sends an on-off (flashing) voltage to either the left turn signals and their instrument cluster indicator, or the right turn signals and their instrument cluster indicator. The front turn signals are grounded at G102. The rear turn signals are grounded at G304.

When the hazard switch is pressed, the hazard switch contacts close and the flasher module is connected to the turn signal lamps. The turn signal/hazard flasher supplies battery positive voltage in an on-off flashing pattern to all the turn signal lamps. All the turn signal lamps and both turn indicators illuminate in the same flashing pattern.

GM has had problems with the flasher module on your year make car.''

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (07/11/2018)

Hi @starya ,

Here’s an image showing the location of the flasher unit for a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire (you didn’t state the year model).

Search online for (insert year) Pontiac Sunfire Flasher unit to get prices.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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what does grounded at G102 and G304 mean my signals and 4ways don't work tried changing flash relay in fuse box,flash module in dash ,and turn signal switch in steering column nothing seems to help Len


I just want to know we're the relay switch is located that's all and how much dos one cost to replace


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Hi Len Perras ,

G102 and G304 are ground points connections in the vehicle.

These two images show the location of G102

Block Image

and G300

Block Image

(not sure about G304 now as the only ground distribution wiring diagram I could find was for a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE) but it shows the ground wiring for both the front and rear turn indicators so hopefully it is of some help.

This is a link for the complete wiring diagrams for a 2000 Sunfire SE. Scroll down to p.36 for the wiring diagram for the exterior lights

About your problem I assume you mean that all your turn lights do not operate, either left or right or when operating as hazard lights.

Seems funny but do your brake lights work? The fuse that feeds the brake lights also feed the 4 turn lights via the logic circuit. The turn lights when operating just as turn lights are fed by a different fuse. I'm assuming that you have checked both fuses.

Can you hear the flasher unit operating either when in hazard mode or turn signal mode? If not and if your brake lights are working and the turn/backup fuse is OK it could be that you have a faulty ground connection to the flasher module. Here is an image showing the relevant details.

Block Image

If you can hear the relay operating it would be unusual for both front and rear lights not to work because of a faulty ground connection, as they are connected to ground at different parts of the vehicle.

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My signals work intermittently a couple of clicks left or right. New flasher didn't help. New signal mechanism didn't help, always the same problem. Four ways work without flasher box. Help!!! Thanks


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