New Subwoofer Creates Scratchy Sound After Amp Shut Off

So I had my headunit and upgraded door speakers professionally installed and then later on I installed my amplifier and two 6x9 speakers in my back seat of the truck cab. Everything sounded great for months, but I wanted more bass - so I added a little 8" Kicker with a neat little enclosure which gave some excellent bass... for about 45 minutes. Then, the amplifier shut off, and when I restarted my car and the amplifier turned back on, the subwoofer now has a scratchy sort of sound to it. My thought is that the Subwoofer had a short inside of it that caused the amp to reboot and then exposed the issue of the malfunctioned subwoofer.

I spoke with the retailer and they want me to take a multimeter to the subwoofer to see the power readout which I will do tonight. Should I be getting 12v? What should be expected as a read out on the subwoofer from an amp sub out?

I also just want to be sure I am in the OK range with my speakers/sub and have an amp capable of handling the three, so any suggestions on that would be great. When I was sold on the amp I explained my overall plan and was told I'd be OK putting the sub on a channel of it's own with a couple 6x9's.

Here is a list of my hardware:

-Kicker TCWRT82 (40TCWRT82)

  • Compact 8" Loaded Comp RT Shallow Subwoofer Truck Enclosure w/ 2 ohm Final Impedance

-Kenwood KFC-6995PS

  • 125W 6x9" 5-Way Performance Series Flush Mount Coaxial Speakers w/ PET Tweeters

-Precision Power PPI BA2200.5

  • 1100W Black Ice Series 5 Channel Class AB Car Amplifier

-Kenwood DPX501BT

  • CD receiver
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