Remove power-adapter port which has been Super Glued to laptop chassis

Inspiron 11 - 3147 laptop

Service Tag: C267712

The owner of the laptop chose to use super glue (Krazy Glue, Crazy Glue, whatever) to glue the power port adapter to the assembly.

I want to know if there is a way to remove the port which has been glued in place. I have the correct Dell OEM part to replace it. I have tried acetone to no avail. My other thought is to use a Dremel to cut the adapter off the assembly. I scare myself just typing that.

It appears the power adapter port sits on a pedestal of plastic on the chassis to have it at the right level on the chassis. I would either cut up the bad port and then sand it smooth, or slice between the bad port and the plastic pedestal.

The power adapter port has a tab for a screw that secures the power-adapter port to the palmrest and keyboard assembly. The tab broke, causing the port to be loose in the assembled laptop. It could not be charged in that state. And the adapter itself does not work consistently. Twisting the barrel of the plug in the port juuusssttt right and it may charge; but usually not. The owner decided super glue was the answer.

Power-adapter port - Dell Part: JCDW3


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Have you tried applying rubbing alcohol? Depending on where you are it is either a denatured alcohol solution or an isopropyl solution. I have read (no actual experience with this) that it softens the glue. It may be if you apply it to the glued joint with a cotton bud (QTip?) (only lightly moistened) it may start to soften. As it softens you may be able to gently prise it up a little so you can apply more and so on. I assume, not having seen it, that you'd have to have the port unsoldered from the board, but still in situ so that it would move as you prised the joint. Hopefully it shouldn't affect the board too much. Just takes a bit of time of course.


Thank you @jayeff. I was told it is Acetone, rather than rubbing alcohol, which can remove super glue. I've tried Acetone, but will give it another go with more patience this time. And try rubbing alcohol as well.

On the plus side, the port is not glued to the motherboard; it is attached to the shell/case of the laptop (Dell part 7W4K6) and from there plugs into the motherboard. So I don't have to worry about wrecking the motherboard, just the shell/case.


Hi Loren,

Agreed acetone is usually the preferred option but since you stated that it didn't work I thought I'd see if I could find something else, which perhaps is more penetrating and better with plastics etc. Most articles on acetone relate to separating skin stuck with super glue. Be interested to know either way how it goes. Good luck.


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I tried a Hotknife, but it would not cut away the part. I had already tried isopropyl alcohol, and then Acetone. I wound up using a Dremel power tool with a Cutoff wheel. A little Smoke, crap flying around, and sparks, and I was able to remove the bad part. In my case, the laptop survived the surgery. I was able to replace the power adapter and screw the new part in place. I now have a fully working Inspiron 3147 laptop, for the price of a $10 part . I would only recommend the Dremel if you have nothing to lose.

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Dremel 1 power adapter nil


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