Dropped my MacBook Retina powers on but no display anymore.

I dropped my 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina from the bed. Now the display does not turn on. I tried using an external display and its working fine and I am typing from it right now.

Another weird issue is that it won't shutdown when the charger is connected. It automatically switches itself on again the moment I connect the magsafe. What I have done till now:

- NVRAM reset

- SMC Reset is a bit tricky because it powers itself on the moment I connect the charger so I am not sure if I have been able to do it.

What could be the reason for display not powering up? Is the magsafe issue because of some short-circuiting when it fell?

What do you guys suggest I try next?

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Is the lid damaged in any way? Corner bent up or down not closing squarely to the body?


i would unplug the battery and magsafe then press the power button for around 10 sec then try to do the reset.

and for the screen its probably the LVDS cable it may be loose or damaged no harm in checking it.

good luck


Please answer Dan's question for a solution. P.S. the solution may not be obvious to you from the question, but is to an old tech.


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