How to replace a cracked Studio C Super Camera phone screen?

I recently dropped my poor BLU , which now has cracks going up to my front camera. Anybody know any tutorials? Or know where to get a BLU phone screen replaced?

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I found a touch screen on eBay today (14 Jan. 2016). It was $28 free shipping. I found another place that has the touch screen and LCD for $58.00.

I don't know the proper way to take it apart. Won't try till I get the part or find a video. Hmmm maybe I should make one....hmmmm.

Update (02/17/2016)

Update, I ordered the touch screen glass from the eBay vendor. It come packaged well and shipped quickly. After I unpacked it and looked it over. The first thing I noticed was that the glass has all the connectors on it and that the glass did not have a place for the LCD to mount do it (Problem).

I started taking my phone apart. Took a bunch of pictures as I proceeded, I found some issues of "not being careful" and using the wrong tools. - Get the right tools! As the rear down moved along, I reached a point of

A) finish taking it apart and hope I have what I need

B) quit while I am a head and try again when I have more time.

Since the phone still works. I quit for the moment.

The big things that made me stop were

1) is the Touchscreen and the LCD made together like on the Nexus line of tablets.

2) is the frame around touch screen glued together or does it snap together like some of the other part.

If it is glued to it, then it will be really time consuming to get it apart without damaging the frame. Since everything on this phone is plastic, rushing or forcing parts is not an option.

With that said, use caution before you order just the glass touch screen. You may have to go back and order the touch/LCD assembly together. The $25.00 for one piece is not bad, but if you need to order the combination piece for $60.00, you are getting close to the new phone price. If you ordered both, then you might as well have gotten a new phone, unless of course it is in the name of Science!

Hopefully I can get back to this soon and have the remaining questions answered on repairing the phone.

If someone beats me to it. Please post an update here.

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Hello!! I thank you very much for notifying me on where to get a screen! My LCD works great, it is just my screen that is cracked and it is very annoying looking at it. However if you do make a video it will me very helpful!


Science VS Economics.

Today I was browsing around on one of the daily Deals sites ( and found several of these phones in the $50 range. They are refurb. The price is right and then you wont have to rebuild the phone. just restore from a backup.


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