A 7" tablet with a Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

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How do I remove the settings lock on this RCA RCT6272W23 tablet?

I was given a tablet and it is locked, it says 'Settings Lock' and will not accept any password I have tried, I have done a factory reset at least 10 times, each time no success! First thing it asks for a language selection, ok, no problem! once I press ok the screen changes to the Wi-fi setup, and I see my router on the list for nearly a half second before the settings lock screen pops up and effectively stops my progress!

The password box seems to have at least 50 possible characters, no hint, no access to anything useful, a tease of a 'change password' box that still requires the old password....if this feature persists after factory reset, then the password must be a standard 'factory' one, but so far all my attempts with common passwords has returned nothing! I realize this is not a top of the line model, but at this point I need it unlocked on principle alone!!!!

Has anyone else had this issue? Even on a variation of this model? Besides obvious solutions such as a new fancy paperweight or using it as a skeet target, finding/cracking the password on this incredibly frustrating piece of s*** is my goal, and I ask for new ideas and directions from anyone and everyone!!!!

I thank you in advance, please don't let this little $40 rat turd steal hours of your life from you, as it has done to me....hours I will never get back, making the completion of this project a moral imperative!! remember , RCA RCT6272W23--

I give it 2 thumbs down....

Please help me solve this issue! Any ideas would be appreciated, I thank you!

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The settings locked password is 0530. Now this will only allow you to get pass the settings locked screen. If you reset the tablet or fail to turn the settings locked off, it will come back. If you turn the settings locked off, it will still be in existence, but will not pop up like it is currently doing. I have yet to find any firmware on it, and no updates are available on it's cheap ass. I too have devoted my life to taking down this evil.


0530 is the default password to all rca tablets! Let me know if this helps guys. Your welcome!


You have made me proud! Even RCA wouldn't tell me the password. You are awesome.


I just picked up a refurb of this tablet and my settings lock keeps popping up...any way to disable it yet ? It will pop up at random times it seems lol driving me nuts...thank god I at least found the password...thanks


I haven't found a way to disable it.


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I had a tablet give me similar problems I spent hours on it too. The solution I found might not work for u but might point u in the right direction. I had to remove the back and above the battery top left corner there was a pin hole believe it or not u put a paperclip in it and u could feel a click when u press down , hold it along with the power button and it wouldn't come on but it would vibrate and if it was plugged it via USB cable to a CPU laptop or watever it would recognize it as apx mode then from that point there was another program I had to run called nothing's dead. I spent literally weeks to research and figure this out but when it came back on and booted up omg u should have seen the kids faces and the wife I think the dog even had a little smile it was a great accomplishment and felt so good I know that if has been made by humans we will win

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you made my day after trying for almost 4 mos, today I came to the right place, it works thank so much


@modeburn01 witch One Work i agave 2 Tablets RCA


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there is a company thats call ( disa) it,s been putting bar codes lock,s for retailers for free so it keep,s low life,s from stealing them so it locked from the start if it was bought from a store its on the bar code receipt so good luck

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