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Dishwasher froze - What is likely to be damaged?

The fill valve is spraying water when connected to the water supply. I'd like to replace this ($70 part) to see what is damaged beyond that. Has anyone repaired a dishwasher that has endured below freezing temps? Thank you, Kate

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Dishwashers are pretty simple machines. If it was only freezing that it was exposed to then the concern will be with cracked plastic and/or metal where the water was sitting. If you haven't already remove the dishwasher - they're all fairly simply to remove, usually only held in place by 2 screws - and gain access to the water inlet. The inlet valve (or fill valve) and plumbing to it is the most susceptible to damage because it has water trapped in a contained space with nowhere to go (with water coming from the house water supply and blocked off by the valve itself). Check any tubing and fittings leading from the water line connection to the valve. Beyond that, check anywhere water may be trapped with nowhere to expand - sometimes circulator pump can have a section that can get blocked off and crack, so check that especially. Usually if the freezing water can expand somewhere, which it can through most of the outlet side of the dishwasher, it won't put enough pressure on anything to actually break anything.

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If you want to know if there are any other leaks before spending $70 + installation on a new inlet water valve, just pour a bucket of water into the dishwasher and run it to see if there are any leaks. You have to put enough water in there so that the float switch ( on the bottom right or left front corner of the tub) knows that there's enough water to wash properly. You may , if something has frozen and cracked or broken, find a leak even before you run it, so pour the water in slowly while someone with a flashlight keeps watch under the unit for leaks. If you don't see any, then put enough water in to run it to see if it leaks under pressure. If you find that all you need is the inlet water valve, they are easy to replace, so don't waste money having it installed. Good luck!

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