Why won't my ps3 load NBA 2k13 properly?

Ok, so i have had this problem for 6 months now (starting in June) and it is a very irritating one. Oh and what i mean about my game "not loading properly", you will find out later on. The game i am going to be talking about is NBA 2k13 because this is the game which has the main problem (all other games just freeze to the point where i have to restart my console). So i start NBA 2k13 and everything works fine. The problem occurs during gameplay. So i go play either a match in MyCareer or Quick Match and when it loads, 6 seconds into the first quarter, the problem starts. The commentators stopped talking, there are no cheering noises, no reports, no arena music and it stays like that the entire match. This happens almost everytime i play 2k13. Other occurences are when someone dunks and gets the replay, the replay just doesn't show and it just stays like that and the game doesn't progress until i do what i do to the ps3 which is tilting it until it makes a printer-like noise and when it does that, the game progresses. I don't know if that will affect my PS3 in a bad way but when i tilt my ps3 it somewhat helps. And whenever im done a match i have to press quit to go back to the home screen and after i press quit it just freezes and tilting it just helps.

Things ive already tried are the Safe Mode, Restarting my PS3 and even Factory resetting my PS3. I really want some help and an answer ASAP. I am begging you guys :)

(I almost let out my anger on my PS3 because of this problem xD)

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Admit I know nothing about PS3 BUT you say problem started in June and I noticed that there was a system update 4.75 also released in June. http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/06/01/p...

I wonder if your problem is related. If you've been here please ignore my comment


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