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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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How can I replace the iSight in my MacBook?

The internal Isight of my MacBook doesn't work anymore (not found by Photobooth or other softwares).

In System Profiler, Isight is not listed as one of the devices connected to the USB bus. I think the hardware has died.

I d like to know the way to replace it by myself.


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Before replacing the part, I highly recommend testing to make sure it's not a software issue. The internal iSight on my Macbook Air wasn't working. I thought it might be a hardware issue. But after I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled the software, the iSight started working.

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Thanks for your answers, this site is very helpful.

I am a bit afraid of doing a kind of display replacement too.

I just tried to reinstall Snow Leopard on an external Usb drive and I m still having the same problem when I boot on this external drive (isight not seen on usb).

But i guess it's not the same thing as wiping my internal drive and reinstalling Snow on it. That would be my next step...after saving all my datas.


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Hi! Here's the part:

MacBook iSight

For some reason there doesn't seem to be an iFixit guide for this, so here's the best web tutorial I've seen related to taking apart the screen enclosure:

Please note, it's geared toward replacing the screen, but the iSight is right above the screen and is pretty self-explanatory once you're in there looking at the dissected screen frame.

Also keep in mind, the iSight itself is only one link in the chain, and the cabling connecting it to the board could also be at fault. However, replacing that cable involves opening up the hinge, which is not fun, so I'd probably go with trying to replace the iSight itself first, and then proceed from there.

Another note, if possible you might want to wipe your system and reload, just in case a bizarre software issue is causing the camera to not be recognized. Now that I'm thinking about it my girlfriend's iSight was not recognized, and when I wiped it and installed Snow Leopard, it was for some reason usable again.

Good luck!

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I completely agree with the previous answer. I just finished doing a display replacement and its difficult. Your basically doing the same thing being that the isight cables are connected to the logic board and are wrapped around the left hinge. I would try to software reinstallation and if that doesn't work replace the isight before embarking on anything else. Dismantling the display requires tons of patience.

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Rather than wiping your system just as a test, try booting to an external drive first, if you can, and see if it works.

Before doing that I always zap the PRAM and reset the power manager.

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Need to know how to replace my internal MacBook isight camera and check the connections?

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