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Blu Ray Disc Drive - Error CE-35888-2

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Not sure how this happened maybe after I opened my PS4 and replaced the thermal paste because my PS4 was constantly crashing/freezing. Afterwards never happened again but it was louder. Original thermal paste was dried out and cracked only aprox year after I got it.

I tried to play new game couple months later Fallout 4 no dice unreadable disc. I usually only buy digital games since they install fully on console anyways. Been able to by pass this issue and have a functioning console by pulling the power from PS4 Motherboard to the Blu Ray controller board then doing what I need. Weirdest thing is PS4 sees the disc and begins to read it then crash's with CE-35888-2 error. I understand boards are married but it's the same board that came with my PS4 I've played games I have discs for before. I've made sure all the cables are plugged in.

I have issues doing following.

-Reinstalling PS4

-Reading disc's


PS4 CUH-1001A

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I have the same issue. When taking apart my PS4 I realised I had placed one of the ribbon cables upside down. Just make sure the ribbon cables are plugged in properly. I'm still having the issue at the moment. I also updated my device while it was having this issue, so there may have been an issue with part of the install. My theory is that since the ribbon cable wasn't plugged in properly it wasn't able to transfer data to the disc drive during the update. So the disc drive is running on incompatible software. I'll post my conclusion once my system finishes the process.

UPDATE: So I tried reinstalling the update via Internet and USB and it's giving me the same Error (CE-35888-2), but this isn't when using a disc the update stops and gives me this error.

No matter what path I take it gives me this error.

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were you able to fix this issue? I believe the same thing happened to me with the ribbon cable.



I've had no luck so far. I Purchased a new data and power cable through eBay since iFixit doesn't sell this cable for some reason. Still having the same issue after replacing the cables. Depending on what's going on I'll either send it in for repair or order the motherboard set from iFixit.


Oh man, that really sucks. I just purchased the data cable from eBay to give it a try and hopefully it will work for me. I don't have the money to buy the motherboard set or a new console, so guess I'll just use it with digital games if there is no fix.


Hey man, I have a same issue. I think, I updated console without 'cd-rom'.

Did you try to install old versions of software?


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No fix that I found I replaced board and cable was willing to fork over for Blu Ray drive. I can to conclusion that the ps4 chips and Blu Ray were married after digging in forms aND you cant just replace them easily. I ended up trading in my ps4 getting newest version.

Sorry all maybe you can fix it but being IT Tech and DIY'ing a ton of stuff with eletronics I saw this as an issue worth more trouble then it's worth.

FYI Sony charge 160 $ to fix it + shipping. Gamestop will give aprox 200$ trade in I suggest the trade in.

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Now for firmware 5.0 forcibly need working board Blue Ray - error E-801809A8. Update with "no original" Blu Ray drive - error CE-35888-2. No update - no PSN games.

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