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Is a hot plate for screen removal the way to go?

I've been repairing iPad screens for a while now. I've been using a hot air gun. I was told that a hot plate is the way to go and makes removing the screen that much easier and quicker. Do you guys think this is true? Is it worth the investment to buy one? What temperature do you set it at? Do you heat both sides? And how long do you leave it on for? Thanks!

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I tend to prefer the hot plates. About 7 minutes at 65 degrees C on the aluminum side of the iPad (no need to heat glass side), pull iPad off the plate, and the entire screen peels up with ease all the way around. I've also used heat guns in the past but after discovering hot plates I'm not sure I could go back! More of a personal preference-type question but a good one :)

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Really Matt?? You don't even have to heat the glass? What do you mean pull the iPad off the plate? Do you heat it again after you seal it up with the new screen to activate the adhesive?


Warm up heat plate to 65 C... Set the iPad Aluminum side down (glass facing up) on the hot plate for about 7 minutes but no more than 10. Remove the iPad from the heat plate and start working your way around the frame and lifting the glass as you go like you would normally. As long as you don't take an obnoxiously long time it'll stay warm the entire time and long enough to remove the whole glass without cracking at all or at least too bad if there is already cracks. Now if the screen is really badly cracked you may need to use a heat gun no matter what but for small cracks or even no cracks I never go without using the hot plate :)

Yes you can put it back on the hot plate for about 3-5 minutes to seal it up if you want. I usually do.


There is a fairly large discussion on this and adhering iPad screens on ifixit's protalk. If you guys are pro's, you should join up. TONS of great suggestions from people.


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I couldn't even wager a guess at how many iPad screens I've done and I have always used hot air. I have hot plates here but I never saw the need to use them on an iPad. I prefer the hot gun to be able to heat up specific parts without having to worry about heating up something I don't want heated. I'm sure you have found that most screens don't come up all at once like they do in all the teardowns. Normally they come up in tiny pieces that require heating a small area at a time to get the shards up.

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Thanks, I got it down pretty fast with the heat gun but I wasn't sure if it would be faster with the hot plate.


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I am a (potential!) first time DIY screen replacer. I have a hot gun so will use that. The screen is very splintered anyway and its going to be difficult, I suspect, to get it all out.

I have some instructions and will let 'the World' (i.e this page) know how I gewt on.

Be prepared for yells for help!

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