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MBP fails to boot. Powers off before chime!


I restarted my computer Due to never before seen, odd screen tearing on the desktop while dragging windows.  It then didn't startup after shutdown.  I press the power button, the lid button power light lights up for 3 seconds and the optical drive makes it's typical startup noise... But after 3 seconds it just quits, completely powers off.  And then I can repeat this indefinitely.. Now after a half hour i did manage to get my computer started up a it worked beautifully for 3 hours... Until I closed the lid to put it to sleep. I came back, display was completely off and the harddrive was spinning full speed (even while the lid was closed)... And I couldn't get it to do anything.  Had to Hard reset and I'm back to square one.  

After pressing the power button again, the Power light turns off, and it (the hard drive I think) makes a click and cheep sound, as if it suddenly powered off.   No software has a chance to execute, I can't do any commands nor does the screen light up at all.  This happens all before the apple chime.  So it must be a hardware issue.  I've taken the battery out (full charge) and unplugged it, pmu reset, tried pram reset...  

Also. When I HOLD the power button down to boot... Instead of just being on for 3 seconds...  It'll stay on (solid power light) for 6 seconds and then the power light strobes on and off really fast for an Extra 3 seconds then turns off.  I've reseated the ram, swapped them around (haven't tried new sticks).  Opened the top case checked for obvious loose connections.

I really don't want to pay for a diagnostic and repair.  But I may be out of options.  The nearest apple store is 4 hours away, does the genius bar do free diagnostic?

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hi, did you find a solution to this problem, mine has the exact same symptoms, Macbook Pro 15" Model A1260, thanks


Hey Hugo. I took it to a couple of repair shops and they all concluded that it was a failed logicboard, which has a replacement cost of around $900. :S FORTUNATELY with the somewhat recent Nvidia litigation:


I got my computer repaired for free by mailing it into them. However I'm pretty sure the deadline for a settlement claim is passed due now :(

If your computer turns off after a few seconds like mine did, I did notice that replacing the RAM solved the immediate shutdown, however my computer screen would remain BLACK. - I'd recommend to get it to this point, if replacing the RAM works for you, and take it to a Genius Bar and try to press that it's failed because of the faulty Nvidia graphics card. If they don't budge, take it to an Authorized Apple Repair Center.


This page says, for our model of Macbook Pro, it has an extended 4yr Warranty on Nvidia graphics cards.

I wish you luck friend.


Consider printing that support page off, to take to the Genius Bar etc... Not every repair tech may know about it.


Thanks for your help mate. Have taken your advice and tried changing the ram but still no joy : ( Am going to go into Apple and try play the Nvidia card and hope for the best! Glad to hear you had a happy ending with yours anyway! Thanks again, Hugo


I wish you luck and be sure to inform us of your outcome!


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The flashing light would indicate a RAM problem. You may have a bad stick or on of the RAM slots may have failed. Try just one stick at a time in each slot, attempting a restart after each change.

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Yeah I did try that. And interestingly, then I tried RAM from my GF computer, and when I did that, my computer stayed ON!!!! However, it just maintained a black screen. So it was partially a RAM problem, but it seems that I have two problems. BAD RAM, and then likely a bad logic board which would cause the black/blank screen. It doesn't light up, nore does it chime or anything. It simply... powers on.


Multiple problems can drive you nuts. Get the correct RAM. If the GF's RAM worked then you've solved that problem. Next hook up an external monitor and see if you get anything. Let us know and we'll proceed. There's a good chance the repair may cost you nothing.


You never got back to me. When I said the repair may cost you nothing, I was referring to the Nvidia issue. If Apple no longer wants to settle (they most likely will, they are good folks) mention www.nvidiasettlement.com


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