Scratchbuilt iPod no response from clickwheel/centre button

Greetings all,

I've built an 80GB iPod Classic from scratch using original parts ordered online as I tragically lost my original from '07.

Everything seemed to work fine, It powers up as normal and I have successfully restored then synced it with iTunes.

The problem I have is as the title says - the clickwheel and centre button do not respond, so at the moment I'm stuck at the language selection screen unable to proceed.

What I have noticed that is strange is that I can reset the iPod using MENU and centre button, but no other combination will work. I cannot scroll through options, I cannot access the diagnostic mode and of course I cannot select a language.

I've taken it apart and reassembled it to check the fit which seems to be fine in the socket, however the clickwheel itself sits a little high in the actual case, in factory built models the CW and case are flush, on my model the CW sits maybe 0.75mm high, just enough so it's noticeable.

FURTHERMORE: After checking the invoice of parts I have noticed that the clickwheel I ordered was for an iPod Video, jogging my memory back I remember being unable to find a Classic clickwheel so settled for the Video assuming they would be interchangeable - is this the root of my problem? I'm inclined to think so however I don't see how it would explain the lack of functionality from the centre button as it's a direct part of the logic board. To confirm: each of the buttons definitely "click" when pressing them, but no functionality.

Any clues, anyone?

Kind regards,


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