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Need To Clean and Calibrate Canon 10D DSLR

Hi. I have an old Canon 10D, 30D and now I just got the new 7D. I am an Apple computer tech who specializes in repairing, upgrading and overhauling mainly Mac laptops and have many special "micro" surgical tools plus access to an electron microscope that a doctor friend has in her lab. Plus I went through an electronics online repair course for additional training.

What I would like to do is completely take the 10D apart, clean it and calibrate it myself if I could get the 10D service manual from Canon. Since I work with very small components, I am used to using special tools for small circuit boards, special soldering, etc. I'm not worried if I damage the 10D if I make a mistake because it's not selling for much on ebay anyway, so it would be a good camera for me to experiment with. Although I plan to be very careful.

My understanding is that Canon has a software program on CD for calibrating their DSLR's as well. Since I repair Apple laptops anyway, I may teach myself to repair DSLR's that are out of warranty.

Is there anyway to get a service manual for the 10D and calibration software from Canon directly? Also, does anyone know if Canon has a service technician training program similar to the ones Apple computer offers?

Thanks for any help, links and advice.

Steve B

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When I came in I thought you only meant how to clean the sensor!!!

Anyway, one mod you can do is the infrared mod! very interesting mod, I've always wanted to do it.

Calibration would only apply to AF, and the calibration would be microadjusting, which the 10D does not support. The only thing you should clean out is the sensor, everything else can be left the way it is and it should not affect performance. Also i'm pretty sure that you can be licensed, just contact one of Canon USA's three repair facilities ( and ask them. Also you can send it in for a "clean and check" where they take it apart and reassemble it.

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PS: the image I linked you to was for CPS members (Canon Professional Services) but i'm pretty sure you can contact them with the e-mail addresses provided.


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