Nikon D70

6.1 megapixels, ISO 200-1600, DX format, 1.5x field of view crop

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Where could I find the DC/DC PCB?


The DC/Dc PCB converter of my D70 was burnt.

If anyone could help me where I could buy the Dc/DC PCB , I will really appreciate.

I'm from Belgium

Thank you in advance.



Unfortunately not. I think I will resign to forget my Nikon D70.

I think the short circuit was coming once I plugged in the flat cable of the LCD display (??). I'm quite sure of it.

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I found the repair manual very helpful !


by Leon

Which diode burns out?

by Chris Monclova

i've the same problem!! pleease help me!

CRISH MONCLOVA if you have a photo of the diodes can you send me it?

how can i test each diod?

thank you

my email

by cristian00

Hi Leon, We are also searching this. Have you already found it? Because Nikon doesn't deliver this, and repair is really expensive for something you can do yourself...

by annick

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Hey leon,

The only place that I could imagine having your desired part would be the Nikon Service center in the part of the world where you bought your D70, wish I could help you out more.


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what are you gonna do with that D70?

by Ducky

try ebay!

by Daniel

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I know this is an old post, but if, like me, you've only just discovered this site due to stuffing up your D70 and are searching desperately for any help, I thought there may be somebody who might benefit from my recent experience. When I say "recent" I mean "just finished fixing my camera 30 seconds ago".

I think I had the exact same problem and same cause as Leon (poster of the original question), i.e. non-working camera due to reconnecting LCD ribbon cable but forgetting to take out the battery. The original reason for dismantling the camera was to replace the faulty CF card slot.

Thanks to another page on this site (Camera dead, is there a main fuse?) I located two possible blown fuses. F1 in the diagram was fine, but F2 was blown. Rather than try to locate a replacement for the fuse and fiddle around trying to replace it (it is tiny!) I used a bit of a kludgy fix - solder a single strand of very thin wire across the two ends of the fuse. Yes, I know the fuse is there for a very good reason and shorting it is not good practice, but I reckon that as it hasn't blown before without me doing something stupid (see above) then there is little chance of serious harm happening. The worst outcome would probably be a dead camera and I had that already! The camera now works just as well as it has done for the last 8 years.

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To revive a zombie thread:

I have a D70S that might have the same issue.

Does anyone know what the fuse values (mA/Amperes) for F1 and F2?

The part numbers that Nikon have given these parts is untraceable. I know I can get fuses from electronic parts vendors online though. If I can get the ratings of both fuses I will post part number(s) and vendors here.

Thanks in advance!!

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When you say it *might* have the same issue, have you tested the fuses? If they're broken then short them, if they're not broken then they're not the problem. My D70 with the fuses replaced with short lengths of wire is still going strong a year and a half later.

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I've tested both fuses. They read about 1ohm.

Is it possible that the on/off switch is no good? How do I test the switch?

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Leon will be eternally grateful.