The LN46A530 has a 46" display, combined with SRS TruSurround XT. The PC input allows this display to double as a 46" computer monitor

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Why won't unit come on just keeps clicking

when I push power unit just keeps clicking nothing else happens, no picture or anything. Iread some where that may be fuse

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steve beseke, start with the basic major checkpoints. This is still one of the models that may suffer from Samsungs decision to use substandard capacitors on the power board. Your symptoms are pretty indicative of that. Post some good images of your power board etc. with your question. that way we can see what you see and we might be able to help you out further. Capacitor kits are readily available. Of course, it does not hurt to check the fuses for continuity.

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Ive got the same issue with a ue40c6510ukxxu model Samsung LED TV, I tried changing the capacitors with no difference and since then I have tried 3 other boards but still clicking and a black screen. Are there any other parts that may cause this issue?


i too have changed capacitors and manually checked all fuses


Checking a fuse to confirm it is open cct is not indicative of the problem.

and totally unlikely to be the cause of these symptoms..When a fuse goes open cct it is generally for a good reason example excess current & is usually in the psu cct and are of the 20mm glass tube or HRC type... their are other fuses that may be present in lower voltage cct's on the board but have a different encapsulation

Their are voltages generated by the SMPS that are lethal sitting in a fairly small area inside waiting for the unwary... just because you don't read about electrocution & death of persons everyday in the papers This a lot more common than YOU might realise.

SMPS 's are used in most ccts today rather than the Transformer of latter days that were cumbersome and inefficient.

I f the layman must search the internet for ways to try to repair their TV then they should realise the danger they face ....anyone can remove the back cover

photograph the interior cct boards and send them for analysis


Thomas, you are not helping


Simply: the following...resistors...capacitors.. (all types) .thyristors...diodes.. triacs... ic's ...led's...opto isolators...regulators....inductors... zener's...pcb...relay's....switches (unlikely)...dry joints ...cracks & hairline on the pcb's.... TV ... dropped ...or mishandled...

All this and more are capable of causing all kinds of problems.


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I had the same problem with my TV and looked online to figure out what it could have been.. Turns out there was a class action lawsuit and my TV model was part of it. I contacted Samsung gave them my model # and the gentlemen said my TV was covered..they sent a Samsung tech the following day and he reapaired it on,very professional and free...

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mine just keeps clickin and the red light keeps going on n off like it is going to turn on n doesnt just keeps clicking n the red light keeps turning on n off

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My TV does the same thing, although after a good five minutes of clicking and clicking and not turning on, it finally does. I called Samsung last night, and the representative asked me to unplug the TV. It worked! but only last night. Today it went back to clicking and clicking and not turning on, at least for seven minutes this time. I'm afraid it won't turn on at all next time I want to watch TV. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?.


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