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Installing iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211 Dual Hard Drive

Because in my model the connection of the optical disk is ATA/IDE

Is it correct to assume that if I will install the ssd disk with this adapter Installing iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211 Dual Hard Drive,

the disc will function less well and less fast than if I'll install the ssd disk on the place of the hard disk bay where the connection is the sata?

My plan was to install SSD as a primary disk with the operating system instead of the optical disk and 2T SSHD instead of the hard disk (on in the hard disk bay)!

Update (09/20/2015)

My English is not 100%, so please let me see if I understand you correctly:

1) So basically what you're saying is that anyway it is recommended that the Primary ssd/shhd will be installed instead of a hard disk -in it's bay,- rather than instead of the optical disk, because the IDE / ATA optical disk port is Significantly slower than the sata-II?

2) You suggest that I'm only going to install one disc and not two disks - because it is not economically for sach an old computer which is not clear how long it has to live?

{just For general information- Even if he dies. can׳t i just take it apart and buy an adapters to use them as external disks on usb2 - is it still will give my some of the ssd effect or it is useless?

by the way What was the point of this guy- Why do you think he installed two discs, including at the optical disk place/slow port? }

3) This disc will be a SHHD disc and not SSD!?

{If I'm going to install only one disk ( as you recommended), it is not be better to have 256ssd which I will install on it the operating system and heavy softwares for editing heavy the stills photos. And the rest of things like family photos and documents ..., I will keep on an external disk?}

4) about firmware updates,

i am running Yosemite 10.10.5 Do i need any firmware updates?

I hope I understood you correctly. And my questions are clear to you.

Thanks for your help and patience :-)

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Your between a rock and a hard place ;-{

I think the best answer here is to go with a Desktop class SSHD (3.5") Vs adding the SSD. Be careful you don't invest to much into this system as its lifespan is limited. Going with a SSD while doable, may not make economic sense.

One of the problems you'll face is the SATA port is SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) so you're limited on throughput on the SATA port as well as the still lower IDE/ATA optical drive port.

But before you change anything make sure your systems firmware is upto date. Follow this Apple T/N: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers

Update (09/20/2015)

To your questions:

1) Yes! Its' better to swap out the HD with either the SSHD or SSD in this series. The optical drives ATA port is very slow. An external FireWire 800 port connected drive is much faster.

2) All computers have a lifespan. Either because parts become harder to get or OS's & Apps require newer hardware. Going with an external FireWire drive will offer better performance. Even though FireWire has seen its day you can still get external cases like this one: Other World Computer - FireWire/USB3 drives/cases. Or other maker, they are starting to get harder to find as people are moving to Thunderbolt.

3) You could go with either a SSHD or a SSD. If you want deeper storage the SSHD. If you go with the external drive for your current drive then go with the SSD internally.

4) Firmware is not the same as OS. Just follow the Apple T/N I pointed you to as long as its whats listed or newer you're OK.

Let me be clear here, I'm only recommending you swap out the HD. I would not waste the effort on swapping out the optical drive as the ATA port it has is just to slow. This is were I would go with an external FireWire drive. Now you could just go with a SSHD gaining performance with the deeper cache it has, or if you really want something faster then a SSD. But this is were the price of the SSD for the larger drives could be to much to invest into this system.

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I edited my question again with your answers. Please if you could answer me again!


I had a limited amount of words I could write about your answer, so i had to edit the maine post. then please read the question over again.

Thank you.


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