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Repair guides and support for the first generation Grand Cherokee ZJ, an upscale mid-size SUV built by Chrysler's Jeep division.

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lost power steering and full fluid

My 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 engine power steering slowly went but the reservoir is full what could b wrong

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I need help...ideas


So you do not have to top it off? When you say your Power steering went, are you saying it is not working properly? does it get hard to turn the steering wheel?


When the motor is running, does the pulley on the pump spin ?


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Sherrie Hostetter , this could be caused by a bad power steering pump or bad power steering gear. Here are the instructions on how to check the pump from the service manual:" POWER STEERING PUMP PRESSURE TEST

(1) Check belt tension and adjust as necessary.

(2) Disconnect high pressure hose at gear or pump.

Use a container for dripping fluid.

(3) Connect Gauge 7617 (J21567) to both hoses using adapter fitting (Fig. 1). Connect spare pressure

hose to gear or pump.

(4) Open the test valve completely.

(5) Start engine and let idle.

(6) Check fluid level, add fluid as necessary.

(7) Gauge should read below 862 kPa (125 psi), if above, inspect the hoses for restrictions and repair as necessary. The initial pressure should be in the range of 345-552 kPa (50-80 psi).

CAUTION: The following test procedure involves testing maximum pump pressure output and flow

control valve operation. Do not leave valve closed for more than 5 seconds as the pump could be


(8) Close valve fully three times and record highest pressure indicated each time. All three readings

must be above specifications and within 345 kPa (50 psi) of each other.

² Pressures above specifications but not within 345 kPa (50 psi) of each other, replace pump.

² Pressures within 345 kPa (50 psi) of each other but below specifications, replace pump.

CAUTION: Do not force the pump to operate against the stops for more than 2 to 4 seconds at a time or pump damage will result.

(9) Open the test valve, turn steering wheel extreme left and right positions against the stops.

Record the highest indicated pressure at each position.

Compare readings to specifications. If highest output pressures are not the same against either

stop, the gear is leaking internally and must be repaired. The steering pump relief pressure is 1400 p.s.i."

Depending on shop rates, the diagnostics probably cost you more than a replacement pump. the pump is available for around $50USD. Check this video on how to do it.

Of course if you can give us more information about the signs and symptoms of what is going on with your steering, this answer may change to some other things as well:-)

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The answer to my question was. A little to complicated for myself to figure out but thank u so much for trying to help me I really appreciate it


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