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Fully charged Battery will not POWER-UP MacBook


I would very much appreciate any help proffered to rectify a quite inconvenient fault in my computer.

1) The Problem:

The battery will not;

i) POWER-UP, or

ii) continue to run the computer if the Mag-safe is disconnected.

2) The Status/Situation:

a) The computer powers-up, works and shuts-down perfectly whilst powered by the Mag-safe irrespective of battery fitment or removal.

b) The Mag-safe correctly displays an amber light when charging the battery and a green light when the battery reaches full charge (or is removed).

c) The battery is fully recognised, charged and maintained at 100% capacity by the Mag-safe via the computer.

d) Both the SMC and NVRAM have been reset.

e) No liquid spills.

f) Battery connector/sleep switch module has been changed.



Update (09/13/2015)

Dan hello and thank you for your reply.

Please see below the information you requested however, as there was effectively but one item of history simply repeated, for further background I also included "Battery Information" from within the "Power" folder of the "Systems Information".

Further, I realised that in my first post I omitted to mention that this problem only manifested itself after installing the Yosemite operating system. Prior to that, the battery powered the computer perfectly-well when the computer was being directed by the Snow Leopard operating system.

In closing and just for your interest, the Coconut Battery application high-jacked my Safari browser and Downloads folder. Both were frozen and I was only able to access the Coconut application and the Coconut website until I actually used the application, which was then deleted and Force Quit utilised to release the lock-ups.



Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Give this a try, download this gem of an app to check your battery & its charging services: coconutBattery. Post screenshots on what it shows you (This Mac & History) in your question so we can see more clearly whats up here.


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Sadly, its time for a new battery. You'll need to decide if you want to invest much more into this older system.

While it still has some life left I wouldn't upgrade the OS past Yosemite (frankly, I wouldn't have gone past 10.8.x Mountain Lion) as the systems memory limits of 6GB makes it run harder. If you are doing simple word processing, email & web surfing you'll be OK with Yosemite.

As for the OS upgrade effecting things here. The upgrade does tend to stress the system during the decompression and the file replacement on the HD so I just think the interaction of the two was not related. In fact you also appear to have some HD issues as coconutBattery shouldn't have effected Safari (unless it was still downloading or registering the App).

Often I recommend people to run Disk Utility from an external bootable drive on the internal drive to clean up any file corruptions & permission issues before OS installs as well as clean out any old log & cache files and get any old junk files off as well. Then afterwards, I run a de-fragmentation app to clean up the HD. I also make sure the HD has at least 1/4 of space free and if its a smaller drive 1/3 free as the OS needs this space.

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