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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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PS4 only gives three beeps after reassmble

So I was given a PS4 that had HDMI port failure. I sent it off to get done in a professional shop that has done my USB port on my cellphone and reballed my beloved 60gb BC model PS3 so I trust their work. I only sent off the motherboard and all seems well. I went to put it back together today.

So I carefully using the guide from here I used to take it apart after changing the thermal paste from Arctic Silver to a nice MX-4. Anyhow once it was back in one piece I went to power on the system and no video display and only three beeps in rapid succession is all I seem to get from the system.

I have since taken it all back apart and the only thing I notice that doesn't seem to secure in place is the ribbon cable from the Bluray drive to the motherboard comes out all to easily. I no longer need to depress the metal tab to remove it. The tabs are still on the end of the cable but look a little rounded but it seems like it is in there just not very firmly. I plan on holding it in place with a piece of electrical tape unless something else can be suggested.

Now I don't think this is the reason for this. I have read it can be a problem with the Bluray drive itself. And i took it apart to ensure all was well with that. One of the plastic gears slipped out of place. The large one that turns the two gears for what seems like the load mechanism under neath the daughter board for the bluray drive. Again that is back in place and ready to re-assemble but I still don't feel I have done anything that is going to solve my issue.

Before you ask no I didn't check the PS4 prior to teardown and shipping off the motherboard as I didn't think anything to it but looking back feel foolish now as I should have seen if I could at least get power. Anyhow I joined this site to get some good feedback on what I should do or try to get this working as google has been of no help as I have seen people even suggesting to firmly bounce the console on my knee or flip it upside down or on its side. Nothing of a real fix.

I have a pretty good mind about tearing apart a device and putting back together. I always take my screws out one at a time and press into a styrofoam plate and mark them so I feel it is all back together right. Please any info would be great.

Model CHU-115A with SAB-001 Motherboard. I can get any more info that might help or pertain to this if needed.

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3 Answers

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Solved the issue it was the ribbon cable to the motherboard mixed with needing to turn an adjustment screw to the optical drive. My $35 PS4 is up and running nice and smooth.

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I have the same problem: the console emits three beeps and then goes off.

In your opinion is the ribbon cable?

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Got it!!!!

Not only does Sony ship out their systems with $@$*!& thermal paste, they also have $@$*!& cables. The power cable for the disc drive runs under the power supply, and when you put the power supply back in, sometimes the cord comes loose.

A couple inches of electrical tape in just the right spots, and now everything works.

Not sure how the power and eject buttons were effected by that, but for some reason they work now too.

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