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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Replaced battery still dies as quickly.

I recently bought a MBP battery replacement from this site. After a month the battery is still dying as quick as the old one. I've tried charging techniques and monitoring its life and it seems to die quicker than the older one. Could it be a faulty battery or something else?

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The first battery I was shipped did not hold a charge and was given the warning message that the battery failed. I was lucky to get an hour from a full charge. iFixit replaced the battery at no charge, the new battery came. Within the first week I was getting about 2 hours from a full charge and dropped down to an hour. I took my computer to Apple and paid $150 for a new battery installed and it took less than 3 hours for the repair to be completed same day. Battery is running like when my computer was brand new. I get about 4+ hours from a full charge. I wish I took it to Apple to begin with and saved my time and money.

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Do you recall the milliamp hours (mAh) of the replacement you purchased? If you bought a battery from the "bargain bin" it could have been so cheap because it's mAh's are actually lower than the factory one. I suggest looking for a battery with at least 5800 or higher.

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I'll double check the mAh, but I bought it new from this site after putting in my computer info. I sure hope that I didn't get the wrong battery.


There is no need to make sure you get a battery that has matching mAh. Just make sure that is is compatible with your device. The mAh is basically how much "juice" the battery has. The larger the number the more of a charge is can hold...making it last longer.


I just checked and the battery has a mAh of 6870. It's on cycle 70. I checked the box and it was listed as a brand new battery. I might just call iFixit for a replacement.


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Could just be a little bad luck and you received a faulty battery, Or just let the phone die completely, Let the battery go completely dead. Then put a full charge on it. See what you have after that.

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