Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Display turns off intermittently, depends on angle opened.

I believe the Apple techs BSed my daughter. They had repaired the macbook under warranty for case flaws and an overheating problem. Replaced logicboard.

After they repaired it, the display has been wobbly and the display will go black or function properly depending on how you fiddle with the opening of the display.

Very random about the exact angle that works.

I think that if I open the thing up that I'll find a loose display connector, or a pinched wire.

It's past warranty now.

Oh, and they tried to tell her it was water damage that she'd spilled something on the macbook. She hadn't.

Seems to me this kind of problem, it's intermittent nature indicates improperly being reassembled after the last service.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks both of you for an answer. Since the display was never disassembled, I'm leaning towards removing the top cover and checking the connection to the logicboard.

Gonna give it a try tomorrow. I'll give my results after I do it.


Hmmm. I removed the top cover, optical drive, and even the hinges--noting the stripped screws, definitely loose screws on hinges, and even a cracked plastic mount for the C channel.

I didn't see an obvious display data cable crimping. I did remove the display and unwound the wire on the right side. "Spudged" around the exit point on the display. Didn't see anything odd.

So I reassembled the macbook.

Although the display is not as wobbly since tightening up the hinge screws, the same intermittent display function is still going on.

It'll stay lit if you don't fiddle with it once placed at an angle the display likes.

I triplechecked all of the connections to the logic board and made sure none of those were loose either.

It seems to be something with the display data cable. either inside the display or surround the right hinge area but not visible.

Does this mean I need to disassemble again, but this time disassemble the display bevel too?


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Your assessment makes complete sense. Its either a pinched cable or loose connection to the logicboard. The Data cable is wrapped around the hinges and can easily come loose or get crimped if not installed properly. I must admit that this repair requires a ton of patience as you would have to dismantle the display and hinges. But it's the only way to get to the cabling, good luck. You will need this Guide.

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Before you dismantle the display, I would check the connection to the logicboard from the DATA cable and make sure it's properly seated.


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